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1437 Biography and Net Worth

Full Name        Theeban Siva
Birth Date        December 11, 1992
Age                    30 Years Old (In 2022)
Birthplace         Toronto, Canada
Profession         Twitch Streamer, Youtuber (Content Creator)
Net Worth         $200,000

Early Life


Theeban Siva aka 1437 is equally different from his name. Theeban was born on the 11th of December, 1992, and will be turning 30 years old this year (in 2020). He was born in Toronto, Canada, and only held the nationality of Canada.

Toronto is his hometown, and he has also completed his studies there. From his birth to his settling period he has spent the entire time in the same state.

Talking about his education, Theeban was an intelligent yet curious kid who loved to ask different questions from his surrounding people. He did his high school and went to University for his bachelor’s, but he quit it in between.

So during the earlier times when 1437 was a teenager, He mostly used to play Warcraft with his mates and friends; he played all the versions of Warcraft. And after a few years, he found out about DotA, and on one lucky day, he tried it and immediately loved it; by the passage of time, he became proficient in it, and even later, he started getting recognized for this game.

Moreover, talking his name “1437,” it’s a code word for a phrase called “I Love You Forever.” At the time, when he was 15 years old, he was in a relationship with one of his school class fellow, and her girl-friend didn’t want Theeban’s friends to know that she was dating him, so to fulfil her wish, Theeban saved his contact as 1437 which he later choose his gaming tag name.



His parents are job holders and have belonged to a middle-class but educated family. 1437 has four members in his family, including his parents and two brothers

Initially, his parents were completely against his decision to pursue the gaming and digital content field. As his parents believed that he should get highly educated so that he could have a nice job. But later, after Theeban showed them some results, they were happy enough and started supporting him.

Professional Life

Before 2010, 1437 used to play Dota for the longest time; he invested his complete time to focus on one game and did that with all his passion, and became a pro player of Dota. However, he, fortunately, meets Power-Net, another e-sport player, after some time. 

Well, 1437 met him online, and after having discussions, they encountered some mutual interests, and they started playing together as well, at random times. For a few things, they thought of having a team with other friends and DotA players.

Afterwards, they made the team and started playing Dota altogether, and became famous for playing this game with different techniques and extreme efficiency. 

This was the time when 1437 got a boost in his dream career, and he decided to never look back. And month after month, he became a full-time Dota Player.

Along with this, he was studying as well. In 2015, after high school, he got an offer to coach a team for games. However, he accepted the offer and started giving pieces of training to multiple teams and individuals.

During this time of coaching, he realized that he was capable enough to teach others, which means he could expand his limits in his career. Even now, he is working as a Coach including as a Twitch streamer and a Content Creator. 

On Twitch, he streams for 5 to 6 hours, four days in a week. Most people wanted to know about his Twitch analysis; keep it down; we have the answer!

He has 50K followers on Twitch with over 2.5 million channel views. This is absolutely incredible. 1437 have done this lately without any team.

Moreover, right after his team quit on him, he decided to choose to be a Coach because firstly, he loved training others, and secondly, he had multiple offers for that.

Net worth

1437 has a net worth of $200,000 right now. He has generated this revenue in recent years by creating content on all digital platforms. He has made this through his Twitch channel, where people donate to him heavily, and through his Coaching sessions which are going amazing so far!

Also, he has an edge of making some additional Dollars through Ads and Sponsorships.

Who is 1437 Wife?

1437 tied the knot a couple of years ago with the love of his life, Luna. He had dated her for several years, and one good day he decided and ask her to be his wife.

Luna is a very supportive and understanding partner, even 1437 has posted about her on his social media twice, and we are curious enough that she is the same girl he dated at the age of 15.

Currently, they are living in Toronto in a beautiful apartment with their dog.


1437 have won multiple e-sport competitions with cash prizes but have not won any awards yet. However, as per reports, it has been said that he might get an Award for being a Great Trainer/Coach.


Theeban, aka 1437 had a great form of achievements in the time that he spent in his career. In 2013, he was invited to MLG Fall, and he won the competition with a huge cash prize.

Fast forwards to 2017 and 2018, where he consecutively won China Top and Season 7 of Dream League. In these invitations, he went alone as he did not have any team after 2015. 

Physical Appearance

Height: 5’ 9” (in feet)/ 172 cm
Weight: 71 kg/ 156 lbs.
Hair colour: Black
Eye colour: Dark Brown

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