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5-minutes craft

5-Minute Crafts is a YouTube channel managed by media publisher TheSoul Publishing, situated in Limassol, Cyprus, and is the most subscribed craft YouTube channel. They also own BRIGHT SIDE and ACTUALLY HAPPENED, two YouTube channels. 5-Minute Crafts videos are typically compilations of DIY projects, life hacks, pranks, puzzles, and crafts that have been shared on Facebook and YouTube. They are the platform’s most popular How-To/DIY channel.

5-minutes craft Biography and Net Worth

OwnerTheSoul Publishing
Net Worth$90 million
CountryLimassol, Cyprus
Created14 Nov 2016

5-Minutes Craft Owner

5-minutes craft

Since November 2016, 5-Minute Crafts has been a part of the YouTube community and is owned by TheSoul Publishing, a Cypriot company formed by Russian developers Pavel Radaev and Marat Mukhametov that also owns prominent content farm channels like BRIGHT SIDE.

5-Minutes Craft Successful Career

5-minutes craft

The channel, which launched on November 15, 2016, is linked to a variety of social media networks. YouTube videos of 5-Minute Crafts are collections of videos originally shared on Instagram or Facebook. 5-Minute Crafts is a high-paying YouTube channel that primarily produces videos about crafts and life hacks in how-to forms, as well as science experiments on occasion. Objects, primarily food and DIY components and tools, are the centre of the thoughts

From 2018 to 2019, 5-Minute Crafts was one of the fastest-growing YouTube channels in terms of subscribers, gaining over 1-4 million subscribers per month and averaging over 200,000-50,000 subscribers per day, and was even the third most subscribed YouTube channel behind PewDiePie and T-Series at one point. In addition, the channel earned 500 million monthly video views. It is now the 9th most subscribed YouTube channel, as well as the 45th most viewed. The channel presently has over 76 million subscribers and has seen over 23 billion views. It is also the fastest channel to reach 50 million subscribers, having done so in just 828 days since its inception. 5-Minute Crafts’ subscriber and channel views have stalled, most likely owing to negative feedback and changes to the YouTube algorithm.

5-Minutes Craft Team

5-Minute Crafts is owned by TheSoul Publishing, which claims to generate 1,500 videos per month, employ 550 people, and run 40 Facebook pages in 10 languages. Lyubov Nazarkina, Viktoria Novikova, Jess, Anna, Nora, Lea, Adam, and Leo Arthur are among the cast members of 5-Minute Crafts. There are also additional people who are a part of the group.

5-Minutes Craft Net worth

The net worth of 5-Minute Crafts is estimated to be $64.91 million.

Only YouTube advertising revenue is used to calculate the $64.91 million projection. In truth, the net worth of 5-Minute Crafts could be significantly larger. With these new sources of revenue, 5-Minute Crafts could be valued at $90.88 million.

How Much 5-Minutes Craft Earn

5-Minute Crafts’ YouTube channel generates roughly 9.02 million views per day and 270.47 million views per month on average.

Per thousand video views, YouTube channels can earn anything from $3 to $7 by displaying ads. So approximately 5-Minute Crafts earns $1.08 million each month, or $16.23 million per year if it falls within this area.

However, our estimate may be too low. Ads may earn 5-Minute Crafts more than $29.21 million each year if they make on the higher end.

5-Minute Crafts is likely to have other revenue streams. Influencers can make a generous amount of money by promoting products, obtaining sponsorships from brands, or earning affiliate commissions.

5-Minutes Craft Controversy

The channel is known for its sensationalism, in which they display a picture in the thumbnail for a certain “life hack,” but the video does not contain the same advertised information. However, because many individuals have figured out which thumbnails are genuine and which are phoney, this is no longer a major issue. They are also known for lying about the quality of all of their hacks, acting as if something fixes something fast when it does not, despite the fact that the majority of their hacks are bogus. Even if they are not subscribed to the channel, its videos may appear in people’s recommendations. At one point, the channel was also known for frequently repeating videos.

One of the 5-Minute Crafts videos shows how to make a white strawberry by dipping a strawberry in bleach with a rubber-gloved hand. Even if that worked, you should not eat a bleached strawberry. This caused a tremendous backlash from a number of YouTubers, including when it comes to youngsters seeing these things, Jarvis Johnson pointed out that there is a lot of recklessness, especially when fire and power equipment are involved. The bleach strawberry scene was later removed by 5-Minute Craft.

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