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French YouTuber Tibo InShape, whose actual name is Thibaud Delapart, was born on January 19, 1992, in Toulouse. This well-known influencer, famous for his YouTube videos, is a bodybuilding expert. His video content mainly revolves around bodybuilding, and he has also done a series of videos on obscure jobs in France. You must be looking to learn more about the famous YouTubers and explore their net Worth. In our biography, we will discuss his life, career and net Worth!

Tiboinshape Biography and Net Worth

Full NameThibaud Delapart
Birth DateJanuary 19, 1992
WifeNo one
Net Worth$4.58 million

What is the personality of Tiboinshape? 

Although Tibo is a social bee, he occasionally feels uneasy discussing his thoughts and assessments with others. He enjoys being the centre of attention and is skilled at building excellent relationships with others. 

He sees himself as focused on the here and now and who tries to use their talents to benefit others and improve the world. His sense of fashion and music complements his good qualities of Tibo. He is deeply interested in excellent music, and I enjoy getting to know new performers and bands.

Initial education of Tiboinshape:

Thibaud got his early education from a local school in Toulouse. After graduating, He went to Toulouse Business School to study business. He was fascinated by youtube, so one day, he started posting videos about bodybuilding. She is a sharp student and seeking better opportunities in his business field. Thus he chooses the best way for his career. 

Family belonging of Tiboinshape:

He is a native of Toulouse, France. Since 2017, he has been dating Jujufitcat, a fellow social media personality. Regarding his family, Tibo is quite discreet. He refuses to answer any questions regarding his family and makes no disclosures about them. He cares deeply about privacy and doesn’t want his fame to impact his family. This further demonstrates his love and respect for his family and his desire to keep them safe. 

Awards won by Tiboinshape:

Thibaud Delapart has amassed over 8 million subscribers on YouTube. He also gained 4.7 million on Instagram when he started posting his short fitness videos. In December 2017, the program Quotidien named him “Youtuber of the year 2017”. He has won the best YouTubers award by the private limited social company. 


Accomplishment, achievements and career of Tiboinshape: 

Tibo Started posting his videos back in 2008 when he used to study at Toulouse Business School. He used to live with his friend, and He too would appear in his initial videos on YouTube. He started as a strict bodybuilding channel with humorous content but later switched to more of a lifestyle channel.

Tibo Inshape Nutrition, his own line of nutritional supplements and health foods, was established in 2017. On its website, you can buy protein shakes, protein bars, as well as other health supplements. There is also a vegan option. Tibo InShape is his own brand of sporting clothing. Over 5 million people have watched one of his most popular parkour videos.

Between 2017-2019, Tibo also made communicational videos promoting the French armed forces, including the navy, police, and penitentiary administration. Those videos were successful, racking 4-5 million views. He also did a project where he showed lesser-known jobs that exist, one of which was “embalming“, which was the subject of many debates.

Net Worth carrying by Tiboinshape:

As many people around him wanted to know about the amazing Worth and income, he gained every month. While the true Worth of Tibo InShape is a mystery. Tibo InShape’s actualized net Worth is not disclosed to the public. However, NetWorthSpot’s industry knowledge places its estimated net Worth at $4.58 million.

Body dimension carried by Tiboinshape:

  • Tibo is a gym enthusiast who stands tall at 1.75 m. 
  • He has a BMI of 25, which is healthy. 
  • His weight is 65 kg because he workout daily.
  • He leads a healthy lifestyle with a strict diet. 
  • His eye colour is Black which looks amazing. 
  • He looks super amazing and dashing in his black hair.

Specifications of Tiboinshape:

Tibo InShape is a 30-year-old YouTuber has dark shading hair and dark black eyes. He is a bodybuilder and shares his exercise online. He adds humour to his videos which makes his content different and engaging.

Thibaud was accused of racism, homophobia, islamophobia, and xenophobia in several postings written between 2009 and 2012 using his full name Thibaud Delapart. These messages were released on the website Jeuxvideo.com in 2015. They were eventually shown to be false evidence, nevertheless. He said that someone photo-shopped his last name in 2018 to produce bogus posts. However, he provided a second account a year later, claiming that his Facebook account was compromised in 2013.

Physical Appearance:

Height:  1.75m
Weight:  65kg
Figure Measurement: N/A
Eye Color: Black
Hair Color: Black


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