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Admiral Bulldog, aka Henrik Ahnberg, belongs to Sweden and holds Golden Swedish nationality. He is 32 years old right now and was born on the 19th of December in 1990. He has completed his primary and elementary education in the same city where he was born and has spent his entire teenage years with his family. 

Although Swedish people are very loving, so same are his parents. Also, he hasn’t shared much about his earlier life, neither he been given access to media to find out. Well, during a live Twitch Stream, he said that he was exceptional in his academics. 

How did he change his name? This question is everywhere on the internet by his fans, and its answer is that he has been a fan of dogs, especially bulldogs, so he used to this specie name as his IGN. After some time, when he started playing Battlefield for the initial time, he came up with the idea that he could adopt “Bulldog” as his primary name because it would refer to his choice and personality.

ADMIRALBULLDOG Biography and Net Worth

Full Name        Henrik Ahnberg
Birth Date        December 19, 1990
Age                    31 Years Old (In 2022)
Birthplace         Sweden
Profession         Twitch Streamer, Youtuber (Content Creator), Pro Gamer
Net Worth         $1 Million


Admiral never shared about his parents’ information or regarding their career. Hence he has stated several time that his parents are extremely supportive and have guided him a lot throughout his journey.

Moreover, Admiral has a family of four members, which include his parents, him, and his younger sister. They used to live along with their two dogs, as Admiral and his father loves to have pets.

Professional Career

From childhood, Admiral has invested his major time of life into gaming with his mates and friends. He used to play his favorite games on Super Nintendo System (Entertainment), and this was in the summer of 2005.

In the same year, he started playing Dota (Defense of the Ancients) and got addicted to the game; he played all versions of this game and mastered it. Admiral has achieved different ranks in Dota as well.

In 2012, he entered the gaming field professionally, and Dendi was the source who introduced him over here. Right after joining, he started searching for a suitable team to join ad got a chance to enter Tidehunter, which later proved to be his best decision. 

This team stayed alive for two long years; however, in 2013 they decided to create their personalized team, so this was the time when Dendi and Admiral decided to part their ways but with a mutual understanding.

In 2016, Admiral decided to become a full-time Twitch Streamer, Content Creator, and Commentator. Interestingly, fast forward to the current situation, Admiral has retired himself from gaming and does not own or run any team. But in the past, he has done some incredible piece of things. He is all time proficient Dota player, and no one has succeeded in taking his place in Dota.

In 2013, he won an award as well for playing Dota and has set amazing records in it.


What is the Net worth of Admiral Bulldog?

In total, Admiral has 1 Million dollars of net worth. He has made significant money from Youtube, E-sport Tournaments, Sponsorships, and his Twitch account.

By sponsorships, we mean the contracts that he has with RAZER and Intel Gaming, and talking about e-sport tournaments, he has made more than 600,000 dollars.

On Twitch he has millions of views and thousands of followers, that leads him to generate more than $12,000 on top of it. He also gets donations from his audience as a token of love and appreciation. 

With every passing month, his revenue is exceeding as the number of followers, viewers, and subscribers increases. That’s why you can expect him to hit 2 million USD net worth really soon.

Who is Admiral Bulldog’s Girlfriend?

Almost 4 years back in 2018, he used to date Sinned and had a strong relationship with mutual understanding, but unfortunately, they couldn’t make it ahead. 

Currently, Admiral is single and is not planning to get into a relationship soon.


Right after he started gaining fame in his career, Admiral-Bulldog won On-Gamers Dota Awards in 2013 in the category of Best Player of the Year.

This was the year when he got recognized by the biggest e-sport firms, companies, and even Brands. Also, he is considered as in very of a Twitch player who has got nominated and won Awards after a few times joining this industry.


When it comes time to count the achievements of Admiral, then it would take a lot; by every passing year, he has made his analytics more amazing and captivating.

In 2012, he achieved the Dream-Hack Winter that was held in Sweden and has won $14,000. After 2012, his series of winning never goes back. Moving forward to 2013, where Admiral won 9 Competitions held by different European and International Countries. 

He achieved 1st category in

  • World Cyber Arena
  • Season 5 of Star Ladder Star Series
  • Season 6 of Star Ladder Star Series
  • Dream-Hack Dota 2 Invitational
  • Raid-Call EMS One Summer Cup
  • The International Series
  • We-Play Dota2 League Season
  • Dream-Hack Summer

And in 2016, he achieved Star Series, League Season 13 with the prize of $120,000.

Physical Appearance

Height: 5’ 9” (in feet)/ 172 cm
Weight: 85 kg
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Brown

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