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Agony Biography and Net Worth

Full Name        Kieren
Birth Date        July 12 (1992)
Age                   30 Years Old (In 2022)
Birthplace         Hamilton, ON, Canada
Profession         Twitch Streamer, Youtuber (Content Creator)
Net Worth         $1 Million

Early Life


Agony is a current famous Twitch Star in Canada. He was born on the 12th of July, 1992, in Hamilton, Ontario, and is a Cancer by Zodiac sign. He has recently turned 30 years old and has spent three decades of his life. 

Agony’s real name is Kieren. He adopted Agony when he entered the content creation market as he wanted something unique and special in his name that would differentiate him from other Stars or E-sport players.

He proudly holds Canadian Nationality and comes from a background of White ethnical. Since his childhood, he has been a very headstrong person, he likes to take risks, and this ability of him has taken to the rise of his career.

He completed his high school in Ontario, Canada, talking about Agony’s education. He didn’t pursue his studies further, as he wanted to accompany his brother, who is also one of the famous Content Creator on Youtube.

Also, during high school, he had a huge craze to be a footballer, as it was his favourite game to play all time with his friends and colleagues. But due to some circumstances, he preferred to be a Streamer but still loves football.



From the start of their journey, Agony and his brother, Devin, are his co-player and creator. However, Devin started earlier than Agony, who is also his twin brother; he currently has 1.5 million subscribers and millions of views.

Both twin brothers have decided to keep any information about their parents unrevealed; however, they always say that their parents have a huge role in supporting them. 

Agony has a family of five that includes his parents, his twin, a brother, and a younger sister. But lately, he, along with his team, has moved to an apartment in Toronto where the twin brothers lived with their pets and another group member named Faze.

Professional Life

At the earlier time of his teenage, he used to get consoles as a gift from their parents; Kieren had a great collection of consoles and video games at their place with his brother Devin. This was why he was totally interested in gaming, and he knew from the beginning that this would be his career.

At the age of 11, he started playing RuneScape, and in 2007, when COD got released, he played both of these with an exceptional hold on them. This was during his school time. 

In 2009, Agony started his Youtube channel as a duo with his brother, and in summers, during their vacations, they uploaded their first video in August. For three years, he entirely focused on Youtube by uploading almost two videos every week, and his content was used to relate to how to play Call of duty and other game recordings in which he was proficient. 

In 2012, when Twitch came, Agony and his brother immediately joined Twitch; they understood the algorithm and started streaming individually. But later on, Agony decided to go along with his brother. So Devin took charge of creating content, and Agony used to edit and publish content.

Right now, Agony has 500k Twitch followers and 3,675,933 views on Twitch. He is completely ruling on the platform; his audience extremely loved the content with its every detail. 

Also, the best part is that Kieren doesn’t believe in a fixed schedule when it comes to streaming hours; he comes whenever he wants and his community absolutely loves surprises. 

Moving forward to the stats of Kieren’s Social Media, firstly, he uses most of the social media platforms and stays active on all. He likes to chit-chat, including giving updates to his fans via his Instagram or Twitter. He has 2 million followers on Instagram, and his username is @kieren_faze. On Youtube, he has 1.8 million subscribers that are along with his brother. 

On Twitter, he is a little less active, but still, he has 300k followers.

The Net Worth of Kieren

Kieren has a whopping net worth of $1 million. According to the analytics, he has generated this revenue through his Youtube views, Twitch donations, advertisements, and mega collaborations with brands, including sponsored videos that he does in the middle of his Youtube and twitch videos.

On a monthly basis, he made more than $18,000, which is sufficient enough for him to live his dream life.

With every passing day, his number of subscribers and viewers is increasing, constantly giving rise to his revenue.

Relationship Status of Kieren

The way he has hidden his parents and sister’s identity, then how come he would share his love life. Kieren is surely in a relationship, but nobody knows who that lucky girl is. 

Moreover, Kieren is a very sharp and mindful person, and it is very convenient for him to give dodge to media, cameras, or his online community regarding his private life.


Agony has recently won an Award in the category of; Most liked Twitch Streamer. It was a proud moment for him and his family, especially for Devin. 

Also, he has been nominated for Great Streamer, including other awards, so in the coming years, we can say that there is a massive chance for him to win all of his dream awards.


He has managed to achieve the Golden Play button from Youtube by crossing a million subscribers. Along with this, he has been recognized by well-known producers in the e-sports industry for huge collaborations via Twitch.

Physical Appearance

Height: 5’ 9” (in feet)/ 172 cm
Weight: 77 kg
Hair colour: Blonde
Eye colour: Dark Brown

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