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Lama Faché translates into ‘angry lama’. Lama Faché is a French YouTube channel. It is an education based channel which aims to bring spectacular and incredible information on video for everyone.

ALama Faché Biography And Net Worth

Net Worth$4.3 M
FoundedFebruary 21, 2016
Subscribers9.13 M
Views2.2 B

Lama Faché YouTube channel

Lama Faché is a YouTube channel that is often described under educational category. The channel publishes educational videos with fun and quirky commentary that makes it assessable and enjoyable at the same time. Lama Faché take pride in helping everyone discover the world from the comfort of their home. The content that they make is thoroughly enjoyed by everybody and its videos mostly end up in top 10 trending videos on YouTube. They keep their videos light and deliver knowledge in such a way that it is not only a learning experience but also a fun watch.

With almost 1800 videos on the channel, it is one of the most famous French YouTube channel. The channel was initiated on February 21, 2016 and has seen massive growth in its following since then. Lama Faché has a massive following of 9.13 million subscribers on its YouTube channel and it is in the top ten most popular French YouTube channels. The channel also has a total of 2.2 billion views on its YouTube content. Its content is fresh, funny, and education. It is assessable to people of all age and to people of all educational background. The channel provides information about most unconventional topics and that’s what attracts the audience.

Lama Faché YouTube videos

The most watched video on Lama Faché’s YouTube channel is titled ‘LES 13 TOBOGGANS LES PLUS INCROYABLES DU MONDE’ (The 13 most incredible slides in the world). The video has a total of 20 million views with 355K likes and it discusses from tallest and fastest waterslide to the longest slide present in the world. The video also explain the views and surroundings of these parks and slides and what makes them so incredible and famous. Its second most popular video has a total of 18 million views on YouTube.

The channel is also very regular and posts a new video every two days or sometimes every day. The channel’s choice of topics and style of approaching a topic is widely popular. They keep the content fresh and new while maintaining the elements that their audience loves.

Lama Faché also has 78.6K followers on Instagram and 2.6 million followers on Facebook. Lama Faché also have its own clothing line of the same name

Lama Faché Net Worth

Lama Faché is a French YouTube known for its educational videos on most unconventional topics. The net worth of Lama Faché is estimated to be 4.3 million dollars. While some estimates put the channel’s net worth close to 6 million dollars. Estimates state that Lama Faché earns close to one million dollars annually. YouTube channels earn 3 to 7 dollars per thousand views and Lama Faché gets 600,000 views each day. Along with this, the channel also has various sponsors and advertisements which also adds to its net worth.

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