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Ali-A is a full-time British YouTuber who uploads clickbait and gaming content, most notably videos for Fortnite. He has a sizable following base across all of his social media platforms, including Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. His YouTube channel Ali-A, which has more than 17 million followers and 5 billion views, is the one for which he is most known. His analysis of games like Call of Duty and Fortnite Let’s Play are well renowned. In 2015, he broke two Guinness World Records: one for most-watched Call of Duty channel and another for most-subscribed Call of Duty channel.

He was named as the ninth most popular British YouTube celebrity by Business Insider and the BBC has declared him a YouTube megastar. There are seven billion views across all of his YouTube channels.

Ali-A Biography and Net Worth

Real name      Alastair Aiken
Net Worth      $24 million
Birthday       6th November 1993
Age                   28 years
Birthplace       London, England
Occupation      Gaming YouTuber

Ali-A Early life

Alastair Aiken, a British gamer better known by his fandom as Ali-A, was born in London, England, on November 6, 1993. His parents, as well as his younger brother Simon Aiken, make up his family. He completed his secondary school at a local school in London. He dropped out of school to focus on his gaming career. He currently resides in London’s Palatial Condo. Ali-A was frequently bullied by his seniors and was not particularly social before he found his passion for gaming.

He began by playing Mario Kart and Smart Bros before finding Call of Duty (COD) and becoming addicted to it. He eventually felt a deep love for games. Since he found gaming to be a very social activity, he made the decision to start a YouTube channel and posted his gaming video there in 2006.

At first, he made the video just for fun and only his friends watched it. To gain the first 100 subscribers, it took him nearly a year. His channel gained popularity in 2009 after one of his Call of Duty gaming videos became viral among gamers.

Ali-A Career

He reached a million subscribers in 2013 and rose to fame as a YouTube gaming sensation. He currently has four YouTube channels, and he is one of the highest-paid online gamers in the entire globe. Call on Duty and Fortnite are the main games he streams live and provides analysis for on his main channel. He was given the chance to sign a multi-channel network with YouTube and MCN for his channels Ali A and More Ali-A, because to his large fan base. After reaching a million subscribers on his first channel, he started MoreAli-A in 2013.

On this channel, More Ali-A which has 7.07 million subscribers and more than 1.7 billion video views, he posts videos about his travels, reaction vlogs, and his live-streaming of kid-friendly games like Minecraft, Clash of Titans, and Pokémon 3D.

After teaming up with his partner and lover Clare Siobhan, he established the “Clare and Ali” channel, which has 788 K subscribers and roughly 29 million video views. He started his fourth channel, “Ali-A palys,” in September 2020 with the sole purpose of posting videos about the “Call on Duty” series. It received 34k subscribers and 13.2 million video views within a few months after its debut.

He has organised numerous video game events since 2014. TV series like “The Gadget Show” and BBC news beat on star gamers are only two examples of media appearances. He was listed among the top 10 British YouTube stars in both 2015 and 2016.

In October 2017, he collaborated with Scott, Cavan, Sotirovski, and Aleksandar to publish his book Ali-A Adventures for Young Readers.

Ali-A Net Worth

One of the highest paid online professionals, Ali A is thought to have a net worth of $24 million. More than 6 billion people have watched or streamed his videos. Ali A earns $3.2 million a year and $8,800 a day from just ads.


Ali-A Girlfriend

Clare Siobhan Callery is Ali’s girlfriend and they are dating since 2015. She is also a well-known Instagrammer, YouTuber, and gamer. Similar to this, Clare is connected to the gaming world through her employment at Xbox, where she is a marketing specialist.

Ali-A Achievements

He has four Guinness World Records, including two for “Most Popular Call of Duty Channel by Views” and “Most Popular Call of Duty Channel by Subscribers,” which he set on his primary channel Ali-A, and another two for his second channel. More Ali-A achievements include “Most wood collected in three minutes in Minecraft” and “The tallest staircase built in one minute.”

Ali-A Height and Weight

Height              6.2 ft.
Weight             85 kg
Hair colour      Brown
Eye colour         Blue


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