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Aliasv is an African-based Twitch Steamer; she comes from an unprivileged area but still manages to achieve her dream. Most people think she is a B Grade e-sport participant in the industry but let’s know about her and her journey in the following article.

Eilidh Lonie is the actual name of this Streamer, and she changed it to Aliasv as his game tag right away as she started playing professionally. In her childhood, her friends used to call her El, and her sister, whom she loves the most, used to call her Alias. So while joining Twitch, she chooses Aliasv as her handle.

She was born on the 6th of August, 1990, and will be celebrating her birthday in a few days as a 32 years old woman.

Most of her life years have been spent in South Africa, she has done Graduation, and his entire studies are done in the same city named Johannesburg, Gauteng, where she was born. At an early age, Aliasv faced lots of financial crises and family issues, and she hardly had gone through all of them. 

For a fun fact, she loved watching Rugby from his childhood, which began her interest in pursuing gaming as her career. 

Aliasv Biography and Net Worth

Full Name        Eilidh Lonie
Birth Date        August 6, 1990
Age                    32 Years Old (In 2022)
Birthplace         South Africa
Profession         Twitch Streamer
Net Worth         $100,000


Aliasv has the biggest family in their house earlier, with many family members and pets. Her mother is a house-maker, and her father does a job along with running a side business. She has five siblings, in which she loves her sister the most. 

Till now, she never forgets to mention her sister behind her every step toward success. Her sister supported and encouraged her to go and achieve the dreams that she had from her childhood. 

After spending 20-22 years as a family, they live separately as adults but still are in contact with each other on reasonable terms.

Professional Life of Aliasv

While growing up, Aliasv plays Pokémon, including other e-sport games, but for playing, she has to leave her home to go to gaming clubs and stations; but eventually, due to the poor circumstances of the country, she has to face lots of hurdles to make her game strong.

After some time, when things were normal, she resumed playing;

  • Crash Bandicoot
  • The Sins

She used to play on her friend’s game station, and after some time after saving her pocket money for two years, she bought her PC.

During her practice, she moved to Canada after completing her degree and started working in a company as a Video Editor and got some unique and well-paying projects according to her skills.

After getting married, Aliasv joined Twitch with her husband and began live streaming on the platform as a couple for 2 to 3 hours every day. Her husband was less interested in it and often joined, but Aliasv stayed consistent and got a good number of followers and views. 

Interestingly, she made some great friends via Twitch and did meet lots of people from her country.

Net Worth of Aliasv

Aliasv has made 100,000 US Dollars as her net worth. She makes $13,000, including her Twitch income via her fans, her Youtube revenue via the content she uploads over there, sponsorships and collaborations through her Instagram account. 

As her community increases, her fans keep praising her, and more advertisement offers come in Aliasv way, which leads to increased monthly revenue.


What is Aliasv Relationship Status?

Aliasv is a married woman!

She got married to her bestirred in November 2018, to whom she dated for 2 to 3 years before getting married. Her husband is a headstrong man with an incredible support system. 

Right now, they both are living in an apartment that they bought right after their marriage. The couple also has three cats named as; Whisper, Gremlin, and Riot.


No award, Aliasv has won to date. 

During an interview in South Africa that she desperately wants to win an award someday on an international level cause she comes from a struggling background; winning an award would be an inspiration for the other girls in her region that are going through similar struggles.


Aliasv has proudly completed her Film Production Degree in the category of Media; this degree is her most significant edge of being a part of this industry and of having a better future ahead.

In 2018, she got an amazing chance to get partnered with Twitch.

Physical Appearance

Height: 5’ 9” (in feet)/ 172 cm
Weight: 68 kg or 155 lbs.
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Brown

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