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Amaz is one of the famous Twitch Streamers best known for playing Hearth-Stone. He is 31 years old, born on the 12th of April, 1991. Amaz has spent most of the early time of his life in the biggest city in China, Hong Kong. 

According to the resources and information, Amaz was a bit different than a normal child; he didn’t even say a word until he turned three years old. In his School, he was an extremely dominant kid who used to tease and bully other children, but by the passage of time, his personality changed.

But before this, due to his weird behavior, the Amaz family shifted to Canada so that he could have a different and better environment. He gradually starts learning different things and becomes more gentle and caring.

This is why he holds two nationalities; he is Canadian and Chinese both. And his real name is Jason Chan. 

Jason has completed High School, and during his studies, he was introduced to video games by some of his cousins. Initially, he used to play Warcraft and WoW.

Amaz Biography and Net Worth

Full Name        Jason Chan
Birth Date        12th April 1991
Age                    31 Years Old (In 2022)
Birthplace         Hong Kong, China
Profession         Twitch Streamer, Pro Gamer
Net Worth          $1.5 Million


Amaz has Chinese Parents, and they both got separated after his birth. He does not have any siblings and has been raised as a spoiled kid throughout his childhood even though his parents were not parenting him together. 

His mother was a cancer patient and died in the winter of 2011 in Canada; after this death, Jason decided to move back to China and started living with his father.

Professional Life

In 2013, Amaz decided to take gaming as a career professionally, and at an edge he didn’t require a lot of time to be an expert in something; he has an amazing sharp mind which just needs a few practices to get a hold on any specific thing.

In the mid of 2014, the biggest Entertainment named Bizzard made an announcement regarding their game known as Hearth-Stone.

Amaz gave it a try, and during the process, he loved the entire version, including its features and levels. After some months, he became professional in it. At the same time, he joined Twitch and started streaming Hearth-Stone on it. 

Right now, he has 850K plus followers on Twitch, including 100 Million Views. He has achieved this milestone in 8 years with an incredible performance. Every other day he gets some massive donations and sponsorship offers.

Amaz is available on most of the social media platforms with an exceptional community. On Instagram, he has 10k followers, and he also has accounts on Twitter and Youtube. 

What is the Net worth of Jason?

Jason Chan currently has more than $1.5 million net worth. He is generating 80% of his revenue through his Twitch account by winning tournaments and Youtube. As per analysis, his monthly income crosses $13,000.

Every year on average, he makes $140,000. He has achieved this after consistently posting on Youtube and Streaming on Twitch. On Twitch, he causally receives huge donations as a token of appreciation.

Moreover, he has recently won a whopping amount of $40,000 via tournaments.


Who is Amaz’s Girlfriend?

Currently, Amaz is single and has not been dating anyone for the past three years. He has primarily been invested in gaming, his career, and his family. He loved his Mom the most and has spent the initial time with her. Then in China, he dated two different girls for some time and then again decided to spend his time alone or with his father rather than being in a temporary relationship.

Jason might start dating again in the coming year because, during one of his live streams, he confessed that he wanted to have a partner as soon as he find the right one.


Unfortunately, Amaz didn’t win any awards yet. 

Hence, he got some incredible nominations in China in the category of e-sport, aka video game players. However, e-sport talent is less in China as compared to others. 


Amaz has won multiple tournaments. However, he has won one of the biggest tournaments recently, through which he earned 40,000 dollars as an individual e-sport player.

Moreover, he is best known for playing Hearth-Stone, and by doing live Streams on Twitch, he has broken the records by receiving 100 Million views. Isn’t this exceptional?

Physical Appearance

Height: 5’ 3” (in feet)/ 160 cm
Weight: 68 kg or 155 lbs.
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Dark Brown


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