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Amit Bhadana

Amit Bhadana is an Indian comedian, YouTube sensation, and social media influencer who first rose to stardom on the Vine short-form video hosting platform before becoming India’s top YouTuber. He began his profession by dubbing and creating vines, and over the ensuing years, he progressively evolved into a more serious content maker.

His videos are distinctive since they are largely made up of his humorous rhyming conversations, and he frequently uses his Gujjari accent in them. The channel has 24 million subscribers and 2+ billion views as of now.

Amit Bhadana Biography and Net Worth

Net Worth                   $1.71 M
Birth Date                    7 September 1994
Age                                27 years
Birthplace                    Johripur, India
Profession                    Youtuber,
Girlfriend                      Riya Mavi
Subscribers                   24 M

Amit Bhadana Early Life

Amit Bhadana

On September 7, 1994, in Faridabad, India, Amit was born. He was born into a Gujar family in the North Indian hamlet of johripur. During his school years, Bhadana was the class clown, charming his classmates and teachers with his humorous actions and jokes. He attended a school in northeast Delhi’s Yamuna Vihar neighbourhood. He pursued a bachelor’s degree in commerce after high school and then continued his education by studying law. He received his law school degree sometime in 2017. He has benefited from the assistance of his close friends and siblings ever since he started his social media profession.

His parents were unaware of his slow ascent to one of India’s largest social media stars. They didn’t put any pressure on him to look for work and instead urged him to pursue his degree. But when he began recording his videos, people did start to get interested. Bhadana jokingly remarked in an interview that his parents believed he would be filming weddings. After an article about him was published in the Hindi journal “Punjab Kesari,” they eventually found out the truth. They were afraid to even then. Eventually, they too began to assist him.

Amit Bhadana Career

Amit first signed up for YouTube on October 24, 2012, but his self-titled channel did not start to get any popularity until 2015. Amit Bhadana made his first humorous video in 2015 with the assistance of his younger brother Sumit, using the music video for Adele’s song “Hello.” He posted it on social media, where it quickly went viral and shot him to instant online fame. His fanbase began to quickly expand over time, and they prodded him to produce additional videos. Bhadana was concentrating more on his education and getting a law degree at the time, though. His subsequent noteworthy project was an Eminem video.

It was a big success, and he then made a dubbing video using scenes from the Hindi movie “Border” (1997). He eventually grew weary of producing dubbing videos and, on the recommendation of a buddy, created his Vine account. He was aware right away that he wanted to create something special for his page. In addition to using his native Gujjari in his videos, he also composed dialogue with easy-to-remember rhymes. He quickly discovered a sizable audience on Vine as well.

He began publishing content primarily on YouTube once Vine permanently shut down. He first launched his name-brand channel on October 24, 2012. On March 1st, 2017, the earliest video was published. These days, millions of people watch each of his videos. Bhadana first faced considerable backlash for the “unapologetic Indian-ness” of his work, but he decided to disregard it. His friend Vipin Kumar acts as his cameraman, and he writes all of his sketches himself. Bhadana makes a special effort to keep his videos clean and free of curse words. He claims that it is simple to make young children laugh, but he wants to create material that will also make their parents smile.

Amit Bhadana Family

He belongs to a middle-class Gujjar family and his mother’s name is Munish Devi, his brother’s name is Sumit Bhadana, and he hasn’t revealed the names of his sister. His father’s name is Narendra Bhadana and his family shifted to Delhi after two years of his birth.

Amit Bhadana Girlfriend

There are rumours linking Amit to fellow social media celebrities and frequent collaborator, Riya Mavi. She has worked on several vines with Amit and they also share pictures together. However, nothing has been confirmed by either party.

Amit Bhadana Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Amit Bhadana is $1.71 million. The precise amount of Amit Bhadana’s wealth is unclear. Only YouTube advertising revenue is used to calculate the $1.71 million estimate. Given the extra sources of income, Amit Bhadana’s net worth may be closer to $2.39 million. An estimated $426.31 thousand is Amit Bhadana’s annual salary. Every day, there are roughly 236.84 thousand views on the Amit Bhadana YouTube channel. According to our calculations, Amit Bhadana earns $28.42000 each month, or $426.31000 a year. Ad revenue might bring in as much as $767.36 thousand per year for Amit Bhadana if he earns on the high end.

Amit Bhadana Height and Weight

Height            5′ 8″
Weight          65 kg
Eye Color            Brown
Hair Color            Black


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