Anoma’s kitchen Biography, Net Worth, You Tube Channel, Videos, and More

Anoma’s kitchen is a Sri Lankan YouTube channel. Anoma’s kitchen as the name indicates it’s all about cooking and uploads various video recipes for both international and Sri Lankan cooking. At Anoma’s channel, you’ll find delicious and authentic recipes with easy-to-follow steps. Anoma educates cooking its subscribers with such ease of sitting at home.

Anoma’s kitchen Biography And Net Worth

Net Worth$49.1k-$294K
CountrySri Lanka

Anoma’s Kitchen YouTube Channel

Anoma’s Kitchen was founded on Jan 11, 2013, and since then the channel has posted a total of 1191 videos. The channel is known for posting new and fresh cooking educational videos that offer recipes, cooking tips, and cooking videos. The Channel has more than 5,000 recipes that include everything from breakfast to dinner and everything in between.

The channel also offers video tutorials for a wide range of topics such as baking, grilling, crockpot cooking, pudding, and even how to make homemade jelly even thousands of recipes to satisfy the craving for a good lunch. If you’re looking for something new or just want to learn new skills in cooking, Anoma’s Kitchen is a great place to start.

Aroma’s channel is not only confined to just Sri Lankan food but you will also find cooking recipes for much international food.  The channel has a very regular video uploading schedule with new exciting recipes and has amassed a total of 131 million views on its 1191 videos. Since the beginning of 2013, the channel has gained a total of 712k subscribers on YouTube.

Anoma’s Kitchen Popular Videos

Some of the most watched videos on Anoma’s kitchen channel include, ‘Biryani recipe video which has 1 million views and 8,000 likes, ‘Vegetable Chop Suey’ and ‘Fish Ambul Thiya5’ both videos have 1.7 million views each while another video titled ‘Jelly Layers’ has 1.3 million views and 10,000 likes.

The channel also has various playlists on YouTube. These playlists are titled ‘Microwave recipe’, ‘Multicooker recipe’, ‘Cookie recipe’, ‘Spreads & Dips’, ‘Mexican Food’, and ‘Jam Recipe. Each playlist represents a different recipe and various cooking videos are present regarding that particular topic. Anomas’ kitchen provides interesting recipes which are knowledgable as cooking is a labor of love as per her Wish ideology. The kitchen has become astonishingly popular in many Lankan households. The channel is widely popular among the young generation as they are hungry for information that is quick to learn, understandable, and within their reach and this platform does all that.

YouTube channel aims at providing information to individuals and helping them overcome their weaknesses and become an expert in any area that they lack when it comes to cooking. It provides knowledge regarding all popular as well as difficult topics. With almost a thousand videos on the YouTube channel, Anomas’ has discussed various aspects.

Anoma’s kitchen

Anoma’s Kitchen Net Worth

Anomas’ Kitchen is a famous Sri Lankan YouTube channel that is known for its cooking and recipe videos. The channel is famous among individuals looking for cooking regarding both Sri Lankan and international topics. Anoma’s kitchen is a monetized YouTube channel which has an estimated net worth of $49.1-$2249 thousand dollars. The last seven days’ income was estimated as $654, the last 30 days $1.54K and Last month 7.4K respectively, and successfully gears up.

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