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ArkivaShqip, a YouTube channel from Germany is the official YouTube channel of broadcasting and media production company, Arqiva. The channel released the official music content and videos of the media house. The channel has earned 4 million subscribers and more than 6 billion views with 8500 videos on the channel.

ArkivaShqip Biography and Net Worth

Net Worth                $40 M
Created                     31 December 2009 
Country                     Germany
Subscriber                4.16 M
Views                         6.6 B
Videos                       8500+

ArkivaShqip YouTube Channel

ArkivaShqip YouTube channel was created on 31 December 2009 and it is located in Hamburg Germany. Broadcasting and media production company, Arqiva, own the channel. Arqiva has been at the center of television from the invention of satellites to the introduction of digital terrestrial television. Broadcast and media businesses all over the world rely on Arqiva. They currently offer a variety of television and video services to service providers, broadcasters, and rights holders across the sector.

ArkivaShqip Videos

The most watched video on the channel ArkivaShqip is “Silva Gunbardhi ft. Mandi ft. Dafi Derti – Te ka lali shpirt” this record-breaking popular video on the channel ArkivaDhqip has more than 653 million views and it is one of the most famous and most watched videos on YouTube. “Sabina Dana ft. Dafi Derti – E kam pas (Official Video HD)” is the second most watched video on Arkiva Shqip YouTube channel, with almost 146 million views. The third most watched video of the channel is “Sabiani ft. Marseli & Shkendije Mujaj – Show Biz (Official Video HD)” with 128 million views as of 2022.

Some popular videos on Arkiva Shqip youtube channel is “Ardian Bujupi & Xhensila – CIKA CIKA (prod. by Master HP) 124 million views”, “Sergio – Without U (Official Video HD) 103 million views”,  “Sinan Hoxha – Bomba (Official Video HD) 76 million views”, “Dhurata Dora – A bombi (Official Video HD) 65 million views”, Sinan Hoxha – Gili Gili (Official Video HD) 65 million views”, “Alma Abdiu & Baba Li – Me fal (Official Video HD)”, “Sabiani ft. Marseli, Petro Xhori & Kallashi – HIT HIT (Official Video HD) 47 million”, and “ Sergio ft. Vani – Emanuela (Official Video HD).”


ArkivaShqip Net Worth

ArkivaShqip’s estimated net worth is 40 million dollars. According to our estimations, ArkivaShqip has a net worth of 40 million dollars. Although ArkivaShqip’s exact net worth remains unknowable. Although ArkivaShqip’s precise net worth has not been established, our estimation places it at 40 million dollars. The primary factor influencing the 40 million dollar projection is YouTube ad revenue. In reality, ArkivaShqip’s wealth might be greater. In reality, some estimations place ArkivaShqip’s net worth closer to 50 million dollars when taking into account several influencer revenue streams.

How Much ArkivaShqip Earns

According to reports, ArkivaShqip earns 2.3 million dollars yearly. Each month, more than 38 million people access the ArkivaShqip YouTube channel, with 1.2 million views every day. For every 1,000 video views, a channel that uses advertising to monetize generates money, and for every 1,000 views of a video on a monetized YouTube channel, they may make somewhere between $3 and $7. These figures enable us to ascertain that ArkivaShqip makes $9,300 per day and between $65,000 and $85,000 per week. According to the statistics above, the most watched German channel is thought to make between $310,000 and $410,000 each month, or 2.3 million dollars yearly. However, if the Ad income is on the higher end, it might make much more than our estimated $4 million per year for ArkivaShqip. As these Influencers can generate money by selling their own things, securing sponsorships, or earning affiliate commissions, YouTubers also rarely rely just on one source of revenue.


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