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ARY Digital

The most watched entertainment channel in Pakistan, ARY Digital is the Flagship channel of ARY Network. In Pakistan, Europe, North America, and the Middle East, ARY Digital is a pay-TV network. Abdul Razak Yaqub (ARY), a businessman from Pakistan, founded this holding firm with its headquarters in Dubai. The Network is mostly focused on the Pakistani community. ARY Digital is renowned for consistently airing female-centric content and the channel has more than 33 million subscribers as of 2022.

ARY Digital Biography and Net Worth

Net worth            $230 million
Country               Pakistan
Founder               Abdul Razzak Yaqoob
Created                11 July 2016
Views                    26 billion
Videos                  73k+
Subscribers         33 million
ARY Digital

ARY Digital Launch

In the UK, ARY, formerly known as the Pakistani Network, was established in December 2000 to serve the entertainment demands of the Pakistani population there. With a format highly reminiscent of “Pakistan Television Prime” and other South Asian stations, the channel debuted. News headlines were carried hourly, and there were slots for TV dramas. The Network immediately gained recognition for its news reporting and coverage even though its primary focus at the time of programming was on hot political shows and soap operas. The Network has a permit to start broadcasting in Pakistan.

ARY Digital YouTube Channel

On 11 July 2016 Official Youtube channel of ARY Digital was launched to fulfil the need of online viewers. As most of the viewers of the channel have different schedules and they don’t have time to watch their favourite dramas. An official youtube channel was launched so that they can easily watch the show whenever and where ever they want. After successful 6 years, in such a small time, the channel has more than 33 million subscribers and 26 billion views as of 2022.

ARY Digital Channel Content

With ARY Digital, the goal is to provide viewers with rich, captivating, and quality content. Drama series that accurately capture Pakistan’s culture and traditions in their current state are smart, outstanding, and their choice of topic satisfies the appetite for pleasure. To maximise its potential, it teams up with seasoned and well-respected veterans of the film business. ARY Digital is renowned for its lavish productions, outstanding casts, and audacious socially conscious ventures. They certainly have a talent for mesmerising their audience. The network has a strong portfolio of entertainment for its audience while maintaining its reputation for glamour and premium storytelling.

ARY Digital Popular Videos

The drama serial “Mery Pas Tum Ho” was one of the finest and most popular projects of ARY digital that was appreciated globally. OST of this drama serial has crossed 100 million views on YouTube and now it has 150 million views. Tamasha The biggest reality show in Pakistan is now airing on ARY Digital and attracting a lot of viewers. Shows like Nachley, Madventures, Good Morning Pakistan, and many others have previously been available on ARY digital. This show is essentially a Pakistani take on Indian Big Boss.

ARY Digital

ARY Digital Net Worth

The estimated net worth of ARY Digital is $230 million as of 2022. The YouTube channel for ARY Digital HD receives over 960.45 million monthly views and 32.02 million daily views. According to our calculations, ARY Digital HD earns $3.84 million each month, or $57.63 million annually. In a best-case scenario, ARY Digital HD may bring in up to $103.73 million annually.

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