Asif Ali TV  Biography, Net Worth,Creations, Popular Videos, You Tube Channel, and More

Asif Ali TV

An inspirational, informative, motivational, and instructional YouTube channel in Pakistan is “Asif Ali TV.” It was founded by Asif Ali, a passionate blogger, and researcher from Faisalabad, Pakistan. Through the creation of informative content, he hopes to educate the public.

Asif Ali TV  Biography And Net Worth

Net Worth                       $750k
Country                           Pakistan
Created                           4 Feb 2017
Views                                338 M
Subs                                  2.28 M
Videos                             1167

Asif Ali TV Creation

An informative YouTube channel from Pakistan Asif Ali TV was created on 4 February 2017 by Asif Ali. He was always interested in history, and interesting facts so he launched his YouTube channel to share interesting information with viewers and educate people. Nothing except the name of the creator is known as he is a private person who does not like to share anything about himself. Apart from YouTube, he watches movies, reads books, and visits interesting places. Asif shares interesting facts with his attractive voice and does not appear in videos, no one saw him. After successful 5 years now Asif Ali TV has more than 2.2 million subscribers and 338 million views and that’s a big achievement for this channel.

Asif Ali TV

Asif Ali TV Content

Asif Ali TV has a variety of content from informative videos to autobiographies everything is available on this channel. With complete research on different facts and topics, he uploads the videos. Channel’s viewership increased many folds when he created a video on the world’s dangerous selfies. When you open the channel you are amazed by the variety and information available that requires a lot of effort and hard work. He tries to cover every topic like history, cricket, politics, celebrities, and information about different countries.

Asif Ali TV Popular Videos

The most popular video on Asif Ali TV is “10 Jan Leva Selfian Jo Moot ki Waja Bani Urdu/Hindi” and this video has more than 11 million views as of 2022. In this video, he explained about dangerous selfies in the world that become the reason for their death. This was an awareness video with a deep message that your silly ideas can take your life. The second video on the channel is “Has Undertaker Accepted Islam or Not? A Big Question!” and this video has more than 8 million views. This video was about Undertaker, who is a famous wrestler and retired from the ring. There were a lot of rumors about the undertaker’s religion as he accepted Islam.

Asif Ali TV

Asif Ali TV Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Asif Ali TV is $750k as of 2022. Dumb TV makes between $484 and $3,059 on average from each video, and their estimated net worth ranges from $300 to $750 thousand. Each month, there are more than 477.86 thousand views on the Asad Ali TV channel on YouTube. These factors lead us to believe that Dumb TV’s YouTube channel generates between $20k and $30k in revenue each month. We estimate that the Asad Ali TV YouTube channel makes $100,000 annually. If Asad Ali TV does well, advertising revenue might bring in more than $200.61k annually.

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