Baba Food RRC  Biography, Net Worth, You Tube Channel, Creations, Videos and More

Baba Food RRC

Baba food RRC is cooking related YouTube channel from Pakistan run by chef Rizwan and his son Chef Ramish. Baba Food RRC provides help to ladies and unemployed people to learn culinary skills and started their own business from commercial level or home. This superb and famous cooking channel from Pakistan has 3.4 million subscribers as of 2022 and it is keep growing.

Baba Food RRC  Biography And Net Worth

Net Worth          $1.2 million
Country               Pakistan
Created               June 5, 2019
Creators              Chef Rizwan and Ramish
Views                    568 M
Subscribers         3.43 million
Videos                  1500+

Baba Food RRC YouTube Channel Creation

Rizwan Chaudhary who is the main person behind the channel is a chef by profession but he was always struggling for a stable job. He had a family to feed, so he kept on visiting different restaurants, dhabbas and everywhere for a job. He was so fed up from all this as he had the perfect cooking skills but he was still struggling. His son Ramish gave the idea of YouTube channel where they would be showing their cooking skills to viewers also giving them the business ideas. So they created their YouTube channel “Baba Food RRC” on June 5 2019.

Baba Food RRC  

Baba Food RRC Channel Content

They started with restaurant style cooking videos and giving the best business ideas to house wives to start from home and unemployed individuals out there to learn some skills. In their videos, they teach how to cook different dishes on commercial level from business point of view. By following their videos, any unemployed person can start his own food setup and earn lot of money from this.

Baba Food RRC Second channel

They have second YouTube channel “Baba Fun RRC” where they upload family vlogs, travel videos and some chef Ramish cooking videos. This second channel has 120k subscribers and 10 million views as of 2022.

Baba Food RRC Videos

The most popular video of Baba Food RRC is “Homemade Hair Oil for Black Hair| Homemade Oil | BaBa Food RRC” and this video has more than 5 million views as of 2022. The second most popular video on the channel with 4 million views is “Potato Bites | Crispy Garlic Potato Bites | Snacks Recipe | Potato Recipe.” Some other popular videos on the channel are “Falsa Sharbat Recipe 2 Types of Falsa Juice commercial |Street Food of Karachi BaBa Food Chef Rizwan”, “Bread Roll Recipe – Bread Potato Roll-Potato Stuffed Bread Roll – Easy Snack Recipe”, “Dahi Jamane ka Sahi tareeka Halwai jaisa Milk Powder Sy | Thick, moti malai wali dahi ghar par Curd”, and “Drink a cup of this magic drink for 10 days and your belly fat will melt completely.”

Baba Food RRC  

Baba Food RRC Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Baba Food RRC is $1.2 million as of 2022. BaBa Food RRC’s estimated average earnings per video are between 142 to 900 dollars. The number of monthly views, the country, the number of subscribers, and user interaction are only a few of the variables used to determine net worth. These factors lead us to believe that BaBa Food RRC’s YouTube channel may bring in anywhere from $5.4k to $34.5k per month.

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