Brent Rivera Biography, Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Girlfriend, Family, Fact, and More

Brent Rivera

Brent Rivera is known as a TikTok superstar, YouTube star, actor, and social media sensation. He is popular due to his attractive and artistic qualities throughout the world. He initiated his career on the platform of social media, especially on YouTube, and Vine, and earned a huge fan following and support from people.

To give entertainment to the population, He initiated the formation of YouTube and Vine videos. Now, Brent Rivera owned millions of fans following on the YouTube account and also millions of fans following on the Instagram account and TikTok account.

Brent Rivera Biography and Net Worth:

Net worth 6.5 million dollars
Name Brent Rivera/ Brent Austin Rivera
Age    twenty-four years old
Birth Place Huntington Beach, California
Gender Male

Age birth time of Brent Rivera:

According to 2022, Brent Rivera is now twenty-four years old. He took birth on 9 January 1998. He opened his eyes to the place of Huntington Beach, California. Brent Rivera got his early school education from the primary school of Huntington Beach high school situated in California.

He took admitted and continued enrolling at the California State University of Long Beach for the continuation of his further higher education.

What is the nickname of Brent Rivera?

Brent Rivera is his social media known name on different social media sites. His full name is revealed as the Brent Austin Rivera and his nickname is Brent.

What do you know about the Family of Brent Rivera?

The mother’s name Brent Rivera is revealed as the Laura Marie Paternoster. Professionally his mother is a teacher. On the other hand, the father’s name of Brent Rivera is John Rivera. Professionally, his father is employed in the firefighter agency. Besides his mother and father, he has three siblings which include two brothers and one sister. The names of his brother are Brice and Blake and the name of his sister is known as Lexi Rivera.

One of his brothers Brice and the Lexi performs very well on the social media platform and also contains millions of fan following. They also pursue social media as their career. On the other hand, the second brother of Brent Rivera named Blake has much interest in hockey and he also has won a variety of prizes and awards due to his playing skills.

What do you know about the dating Brent Rivera?

Brent Rivera is the honor of a successful professional career along with a handsome and dashing identity. This is the reason that there is no chance for this fact that he does not date anyone ever.

He revealed in an interview that he is dating the Gutowski in 2019. Eva is an upper-class YouTube superstar that has more than eleven million subscribers on it.

The second girl that remains in the dating relationship with Brent Rivera is known as Morgan Justus. She is also a well-known talented and spiritual fashion model by profession. Along with modeling, she also remains active on YouTube.

Currently, he is dating Pierson Wodzynski who is also a TikTok sensation on the TikTok application.

What do you know about Brent Rivera’s physical appearance?

When we talk about the height of the Brent Rivera then we come to know that he is five feet and 10 inches in height. His weight is approximately seventy kilograms with body measurements of 44-32-28 inches.

In the appearance, he contains the brown color of his eyes and hair of dull brown color. He is not dashing and handsome on-screen but also good-looking off-screen.

What is the Net worth of Brent Rivera?

The net worth of Brent Rivera is known as the 6.5 million dollars. This huge Net worth of Brent Rivera makes him one of the top male highest paid social media influencers and superstars according to 2022.

What do you know about the professional career of Brent Rivera?

Brent Rivera was aware of his talent for entertaining skills quite from his childhood. He starts his acting career even when he was eleven years old.  As he loved to act in his initial life but at that time, he does not find any Platform for revealing his talent and getting money.

Brent Rivera started a Vine and YouTube channel in the year 2019 when it was the time of the internet. Unfortunately, his Vine channel cannot get fame, on the other hand, the YouTube journey initiates tremendously. Currently, he has active YouTube subscribers of greater than fifteen million.

After the success of the YouTube channel, he formed his TikTok account on its application and get fame and much popularity in it within no time. Now, Brent Rivera contains thirty-eight million fans following on Tiktok application that are active for him.

After their success on the Social media platforms, the door opened for him the acting in a big screened series as an actor. He worked as an actor in the Dream Vacation like many more series.

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