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Bretman Rock is a popular influencer, born on 31 July 1998. In his early life, he was in Hawaii but then shifted to the US by acquiring nationality. He is very famous on different social platforms because of his exciting videos. The real name of this youngest guy is Bretman Sacayanan. 

Similarly, the subscribers of Bretman on Youtube are nearly 6.9 million. He is not only an influencer; he also has an online store. So, their unique identity of Bretman makes him more popular among other influencers. 

Bretman Rock Biography and Net Worth

Full NameBretman Sacayanan 
Birth Date31 July 1998
Age19 years
BirthplacePhilippines, Sanchez Mira
GirlfriendCurrently None
Net Worth$2 million

What is the personality of Bretman Rock? 

If we talk about the personality of Bretman, then no doubt he is the famous tar of the internet. He is the youngest vlogger that makes attractive videos. He is not only a beauty influencer; he is more than it. He is also famous because of his bubbly personality, good sense of humour and confidence. 

Initial education of Bretman Rock:

He started his education in his home town in the Philippines. He was not a sharp student, which is why he preferred to quit his studies and make a pause. Then he went to the Christian college in Toronto and started his education for 6 years. 

Family belonging of Bretman Rock:

When he was a kid, then his parents got divorced. So, only his mother raised him. She loves him so much as a mom and dad. He also has a sister, Princess Mae, who first time appeared in a Youtube video in 2015. 

Further, he also posts his picture with his friend every valentine’s day. However, the image is not much clear, so everyone wants to know about this friend. In 2019, he announced that he was single and didn’t have a girlfriend but wanted to be double. 

Awards won by Bretman Rock:

Bretman is a kind person, so he always supports others who are just like him. That is the reason why he always faces hate from others. Because of this speciality, he has been called many times by the anti-bullying programs. He has won an award of People’s choice for the beauty influencer in 2019. Then in 2021, he won MTV and TV awards for the best social celebrity. 

Accomplishment, achievements and career of Bretman Rock: 

Bret is the best make artist because his flawless eye makeup and contour make him most famous. But you need to know how he has taken this talent and found glamour in things. Though, Bretman was only raised by her mother and in the presence of other ladies. So, he has exposed to beauty at a young age. 

For this, he started his Youtube channel with the inspiration of Talia Joy. In this way, he stepped into the world of makeup. He also has received many criticisms and negative reviews. Then he realized it was the point where he needed to work hard. Then he started working on different social media platforms. He aimed to give inspiration to others who hated him. 

Then he used 6 seconds video app, and it was the point where his life changed. He had made many funny videos that gave him much praise from others. These videos made him unique from other influencers. 

Net Worth carrying by Bretman Rock:

According to research, it was revealed that his net income of Bretman is almost $1.5 million. Among many other top celebrities on social platforms, Bretman is also the best personality. He got popular because of his beautiful makeup tutorials. He has almost 8.7 million subscribers on Youtube and 128 videos. It means he has almost 551 million views on his videos. Further, in a single day, he earns almost 140,000 views on different social platforms. In this way, he can earn almost $1,100 net income in a day. 

Body dimension carried by Bretman Rock:

  • Every fan wants to know about the physical appearance of Bretman so we can tell you some important detail. 
  • He is 5 feet and 8 inches tall. 
  • His weight is almost 70 kg. 
  • He cares for his health, so he goes to the gym daily. 
  • He doesn’t like tattoos, and the size of his shoes is 10. 

Specifications of Bretman Rock:

People use different words to describe Bretman Rock. But commonly, people use the term “real” about this guy. It shows that he is honest and became famous because of his original beauty videos. He is unique and also doesn’t copy others’ content. So, because of his unique personality, everyone likes him so much. 

Physical Appearance:

Height: 5’8”
Weight: 70 kg
Figure Measurement: 39-30-34 inches
Eye Color: Dark brown
Hair Color: black

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