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Bubzbeauty Biography And Net Worth:

Net Worth                   $800k
Full name                     Lindy Tsang
Birth Date                    6 December 1986
Age                                35 years
Birthplace                    Dundonald, Belfast, Ireland.
Profession                   YouTuber, Entrepreneur
Boyfriend                    Mr. Lumberjack

Lindy Tsang is a Chinese-Irish YouTube vlogger, beautician, hairstylist, and skincare expert who is better known to her many admirers as Bubzbeauty. She is a successful self-employed businesswoman who sells stylish clothing, cosmetics, particularly makeup brushes, skincare, hair care, and a variety of other things. Her Bubzbeauty YouTube channel has amassed more than 2.9 million followers.

Bubzbeauty Early life

On December 6, 1986, Lindy Tsang was born in Dundonald, a civil parish in Northern Ireland that lies on the outskirts of Belfast. However, she had a better childhood after her family relocated to Glengormley in County Antrim, Northern Ireland. She is of Chinese ancestry but an Irish national.

Her grandparents raised her because her parents, who owned and ran a restaurant, had to spend the majority of their time outside. Claire and April, Lindy’s sisters, are very close to her. She has a younger brother named Ricky who owns a YouTube channel “Rickehtube”. She was humiliated in her primary school for being a Chinese child, and the persecution persisted throughout high school. Her parents offered her the chance to switch schools if she so wished, but she remembers declining the offer since she understood that no matter where she went, she would stay the same person.

She first spent five days a week working in her parents’ restaurant after graduating from college since she had a very difficult time finding work. She used to eagerly watch makeup tutorials on social media during her free time while she was a university student, which gave her the idea to make her own videos.

Bubzbeauty Career

In August 2007, Lindy made her YouTube debut as a beauty expert with the “Dance it Off” video. She posted it on her channel, “Bubzbeauty,” which has 2.88 million subscribers as of this writing. She was motivated to produce additional beauty-related content after making her first video.

She uploaded videos on YouTube that included tutorials for hairstyles, skincare routines, and makeup tutorials. She started uploading simultaneously to her other YouTube channel, “Bubzvlog.” She routinely shared vlogs of her family’s daily lives on her channel and talked about new experiences. She also uploaded all of her daily activity-focused vlogs on “Bubzvlog,” many of which have a sarcastic tone and are unscripted.


She frequently shares updates about her clothing brand, cosmetics, makeup brushes, and videos of her family and dogs. “Draw My Life | Bubzbeauty,” one of her most popular YouTube videos, has received over 7.4 million views. Other noteworthy videos include “5 Minute School Makeup” (6.5 Million Views), “10 Easy Ways to Lose Weight” (6.5 Million Views), “2 Minute Spring Updo” (5.6 Million Views), and “Small Boobs?” (5.3 Million Views).

She later launched her third YouTube channel, “Bubbiosity,” a few years later. It usually consists of slapstick clips to make her followers laugh. She has also launched her own range of apparel and cosmetics. She has done collaborations with prestigious companies like Maybelline, Verizon Wireless, Skin Inc., and Listerine by using her professional background as a beautician. Bubzbeauty has 660 followers on Instagram. Through the “Pencils of Promise” project, she helped establish academic institutions for underprivileged and disadvantaged children on a global scale. She had to leave her home country and move to Hong Kong in order to establish herself as an apparel business owner.

Bubzbeauty Boyfriend

Lindy wed her longtime partner Tim Ng on August 10, 2013. Tim and Lindy had an odd way of meeting, and on August 1, 2003, they started dating. Tim and the YouTuber met while he was dating her cousin.

In 2014, the couple welcomed their first son Isaac into the world and their daughter Ayla was born in 2017. Following a marriage of seven years, they got divorced in 2020. After learning of Tim’s cheating and seeing images of him with another woman, Bubzbeauty divorced him.

She has moved on with her new beau, Mr. Lumberjack. Bubzbeauty posted a video titled Dating Again, Falling in Love, Rejection, Shame & More to her YouTube account on November 11, 2020. Hollywood mask reports that lindy even took her new lover on a beach vacation in 2021.


Bubzbeauty Net Worth

Approximately $800,000 is BubzBeauty’s estimated net worth. The owner of the YouTube channel Lindy Tsang makes money from her two channels, Bubzvlogz and Bubzbeauty. Bubzbeauty earns roughly $25.5k annually and $2.1k per month. Bubzvlogz, on the other hand, brings in roughly $18.1k annually and $1.5k each month. In addition, Lindy Tsang owns fashion and beauty companies, which bring in thousands of dollars each month and contribute to her $800,000 net worth.

Bubzbeauty Height and weight

Beauty expert Lindy’s height is below average. She is only 4 feet and 11 inches tall and roughly 57 kilograms in weight. She also has dark brown eyes, although it is uncertain, what color her actual hair is because she frequently dyes it blonde, brown, and other hues.

Height                     4.11
Weight                    57 kg
Eye color                Dark brown
Hair color               Usually blonde

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