Canadian Immigration Channel Biography, Net Worth, Age, Family, Fact, and More

Canadian Immigration Channel

Canadian Immigration Channel Biography and Net Worth

Net Worth                              $65 Thousand
Founded                                  25 May 2012
Country                                    Canada
Subscribers                             157k
Videos                                      909
Views                                       10 Million

A group of qualified Canadian lawyers and skilled immigration advisers founded the world’s top professional channel for visas and immigration to Canada, Canadian Immigration Channel. The channel has almost 157k subscribers with more than 10 million views and has uploaded 909 videos until now.

Canadian Immigration Channel Content

Canadian Immigration Channel

The channel was created on 25 May 2012 and it has been 10 years since the channel has created. All the Skilled individuals who run the channel answer all the questions related to immigration in detail. They create short videos of 2-3 min for answers. They post one video every week and post on the Canadian Immigration Channel. The channel’s primary focus is to educate people about the immigration process and all the related details so they can be safe from fraud. They answer rumours, true or false information regarding Canadian immigration. The channel has helped hundreds of people who were misguided by someone somehow.  How to enter Canada as an immigrant? How should I proceed if my visa application is denied? How do provincial nomination programs in Canada operate? Do you meet the requirements for an immigration pilot program? What fresh immigration initiatives exist in Canada today? How do I select a program for immigration? All these and hundreds of other questions are answered through videos.

What is Canadian Immigration?

The act of immigrating is the act of leaving one’s nation and moving to one in which one is neither a native nor a citizen in order to establish a permanent residence or become a citizen there, or to accept employment as a migrant worker or temporarily as a foreign worker. Over the past 50 years, Canada has developed a reputation for accepting immigrants and valuing multiculturalism. About one-fifth of Canadians are foreign-born, which is one of the highest percentages among industrialized Western nations. Immigration has fueled economic growth and assisted the nation in addressing its aging population. The United States, led by President Donald Trump, has recently scaled back a number of immigration programs, including those for refugees, asylum seekers, and temporary workers, making Canada an even more desirable destination for immigrants. The number of persons looking to immigrate to Canada could be decreased, though, if pandemic-related travel restrictions are combined with President Joe Biden’s initiatives to change U.S. immigration law and raise the yearly refugee cap.

Canadian Immigration Channel Videos

The first video uploaded on the channel was “caregiver program for Bangladesh” posted 7 years ago in 2015 and this video has 1.5k views. After that, they started posting videos on various immigration-related queries, frauds, new schemes, temporary visas, express entry, sponsorship, employment, education, and Refugees. Some of the popular videos on the channel are “How work references are verified for immigration to Canada”, “immigrants to Canada age limit”, “reference Letter Sample”, “Minimum IELTS score for immigration to Canada”, and “immigrate to Canada with no money”,” Truck Driver Immigration”, “applying for tourist visa”, and “Upcoming changes to Owner/Operator Immigration.” Channel has more than 430+ videos on Canadian immigration and 113 videos on employment in Canada.

Canadian Immigration Channel Net Worth

The estimated net worth of the Canadian immigration channel is $65k as of 2022. The Channel earns $11-$15 on average per day and $75 weekly. Canadian immigration channel has a monthly income of $300 approximately and makes $7000+ yearly. Based on the publicly available CPM (cost per thousand views) paid by advertisers, the net worth is determined. The geography and demographic makeup of a channel’s target audience, the number of subscribers it has, the frequency with which it uploads new videos and the number of hours that each video is seen all affect the CPM.

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