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Carry Minati

Ajey Nagar, also known as Carry Minati, is a popular YouTuber known for his viral rants. His videos typically include gameplays, visuals, viral video clips, and his incredible voice. Over 32 million people subscribe to his main YouTube channel, Carry Minati, which has received over 2.9 billion views and he is India’s most subscribed YouTuber as of 2022. Although he has tried a variety of content, his roast videos have become the most well-known.

Carry Minati Biography and Net Worth

Net Worth                          $7.05 Million
Full Name                           Ajey Nagar
Birth Date                          12 June 1999
Age                                      23 years
Birthplace                          Faridabad, India
Profession                         YouTuber
Girlfriend                          Avneet Kaur
Subscribers                       36.2 M

Carry Minati Early Life

Carry Minati

Ajey Nagar, also known as CarryMinati, was born in Faridabad, Haryana, a significant satellite city of the Indian capital New Delhi, on June 12, 1999. He was born into a Gurjar family and Vivek Nagar is Carryminati’s father, and he has an older brother named Yash Nagar who works as a music producer and songwriter under the stage name Wily Frenzy. He went to Delhi Public School, but with his parent’s consent, he opted to drop out of the 12th grade since he was nervous about his economics test in the Class XII Board examination. Later, he used distance learning to finish his senior secondary education. He played football up until the eighth grade but stopped after purchasing a PS3. As a result, he developed an interest in video games and even considered pursuing a career in game design. He struggled with weight gain as a teenager and underwent stringent exercise and food restrictions to shed pounds after experiencing health problems.

Carry Minati Career

Carry Minati

When CarryMinati first became interested in YouTube at the age of 8, it was because he had been watching football videos there. He started his first YouTube channel at age 10 called “STeaLThFeArzZ,” where he released roughly two dozen videos, most of which were tutorials and tactics for playing football. On October 30, 2014, he started a new channel called “AddictedA1” in response to the disappointing user response. He then started broadcasting gameplay videos with amusing commentary that mimicked the voices of Bollywood actors like Shah Rukh Khan and Sunny Deol. In 2015, he changed the channel’s name to “CarryDeol” and saw an increase in views, notably as a result of the “Counter-Strike” community sharing his content.

The YouTuber “Leafyishere,” whose idea of gameplay roast videos he then used in his own videos, inspired him to evolve his channel after he became bored approximately six months later. Later, when he started to get more popularity, he changed the channel’s name to “CarryMinati.” Making Money with BB Ki Vines, which he posted on June 21, 2016, was one of his first videos to go viral. In it, he mocked YouTube users who made videos of themselves reacting to prominent YouTuber Bhuvan Bam. He gained a million likes for the first time in 2019 after posting the diss tune “Bye PewDiePie,” which was a retort to PewDiePie making fun of an Indian’s slurred English.

Carry Minati Second Channel

He also created a second channel called “CarryIsLive” where he live-streamed video games, primarily PUBG. He has conducted live streams on this channel to raise money for those affected by the flooding in Assam and Bihar in 2020 and the cyclone Fani in Odisha in 2019.

Carry Minati Controversies

Twice, the owner of the YouTube channel “MovieTalkies” and a local Haryanvi singer both put a strike on his channel, demanding a significant amount of money to remove the strikes. He published a video with the headline “YOUTUBE VS TIK TOK: THE END” ridiculing Amir Siddiqui, a well-known TikTok user. He severely criticized Siddiqui for his since-deleted IGTV video in which he attempted to be self-righteous by decrying YouTubers as being unoriginal and materialistic. He received praise from the community and over 1.3 million new subscribers in one day thanks to the video, which only in 24 hours rose to the top spot among Indian videos on the site in terms of popularity and comments.

Carry Minati Awards and Achievements

Nagar was recognized in 2019 at position 10 on Time magazine’s list of the “Next Generation Leaders,” which is a yearly list of ten young individuals who build creative careers. He was a member of Forbes’ 30 Under 30 Asia list in April 2020. A total of five YouTube Creator Awards have been given to Nagar, including two Silver Play Buttons, two Golden Play Buttons, and one Diamond Play Button (for Carry Minati). In the 2022 Bollywood film “Runway 34,” which stars Ajay Devgan and Amitabh Bachchan in the key roles, Carry Minati (Ajey Nagar) makes a brief appearance.

Carry Minati Net worth

The exact amount of CarryMinati’s net worth is unclear, but we estimate it to be around $7.05 million. However, since our calculation only takes into account one source of income, CarryMinati’s actual net worth may be greater than $7.05 million. With these extra sources of income, Carry Minati Net worth would be $9.87 million.

Carry Minati Height and Weight

Height                 5’5”
Weight                60 kg  
Eye colour Black
Hair colour Black


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