Che Duran Biography, Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Boyfriend, Family, Fact, and More

Che Durena a well-known social media star belongs to Canada. Che Durena gains fame due to his TikTok account named “@chedurena in which he posted videos of jokes to grab his audience. Che Durena has gathered 2.6 million fans following TikTok and like 40 million on the same platform. Che Durena opened his eyes on nineteen May 1992 and according to 2022, he is now thirty years old adult. Che Durena belongs to her home town which name is Ottawa, Canada. Here we will discuss all the facts about Che Durena including family, career, physical appearance, Net worth, and many more.

Che Duran Biography and Net Worth:

NameChe Durena
Age 30 years old
DOB19 May, 1992
Networth$5 million

Biography of Che Durena:

Che Durena opened his eyes on nineteen May 1992 and according to 2022, he is now thirty years old adult. Che Durena belongs to her home town which name is Ottawa, Canada. You can wish Che Durena a happy birthday every year in nineteen May.

Che Durena is a Canadian by nationality. And Che Durena is also a non-vegetarian in his food choice. 

The professional background of Che Durena:

Che Durena is professionally an Instagram superstar due to his unique videos and pictures, a TikTok star due to videos of jokes, and a YouTube sensation due to uploading unique content.

Trivia about Che Durena:

  • Che Durena is the production of Ottawa.
  • The birth sign of Che Durena is Taurus.
  • Che Durena has earned all his success from his Tiktok account named @chedurena, at which he uploads his videos of jokes.
  • Che Durena has gathered more than 2.6 million fans following and greater than forty million thumbs up on the TikTok platform.
  • The name of his YouTube channel is “Little Dinky news” at which Che Durena has greater than 1.89 million subscribers.
  • Che Durena is also on the Instagram platform @chedurena, where he has grabbed more than fifty-one million followers.
  • Che Durena posted his first video on Instagram in the year 2019 which was based on a comedy event flier of his own. 

Apparent looks of Che Durena:

Che Durena contains a height of five feet and nine inches and according to this height, he has a 76-kilogram weight. Che Durena contains black-shaded curly hairs that make him unique from other social media species. Che Durena contains brown-shaded eyes that make him attractive to followers in his videos which keep the focus on his moving eyes.

Some less known facts about Che Durena:

Hobbies of Che Durena:

Hobbies of Che Durena are photography, traveling, reading, and internet surfing.

Home Town of Che Durena:

The home Town of Che Durena in Ottawa, Canada.

Birthday of Che Durena:

The birthday of Che Durena is nineteen May 1992.

Age of Che Durena:

Che Durena is 30 years old according to 2022.

Achievements related to Che Durena:

Some achievements of Che Durena are as follows:

  • As a singer, Che Durena performs standup in Mexico.
  • Che Durena is also popular due to the writing and hosting of his host “My Most Amazing Top 10”.

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