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Chris Eubank

Chris Eubank is former boxer who played between the years 1985 to 1998. He scored the titles of super middleweight and WBO middleweight between the years 1990 to 1995. Eubank was ranked as fourth best British boxer of super middleweight category by BoxRec.

Chris Eubank Biography and Net Worth

Net worth£10 Million
Full NameChristopher Livingstone Eubank
Birth Date8 august 1966
Age56 years
Birth PlaceDulwich, London, England
Ex- wivesKarron, Claire
Chris Eubank

Chris Eubank remained as the world’s best champion for more than five years. Eubank was one of the few boxers who stayed undefeatable for more than ten years. Eubanks fights for titles against boxers including Micheal Watson and Nigel Benn helped Eubank reach the top of his career in the year 1990s. These achievements coupled with Eubank’s remarkable personality made him the most prominent boxer of his time.

During the last two years of Eubank’s career, he challenged then rising boxer Joe Calzaghe in order to reclaim his title of WBO super middleweight Eubank had his final two fights against WBO junior heavyweight champion Carl Thompson, who defeated Eubank in the first round. Eubank was defeated for the first and only time in his career.

Early career

Chris Eubank started his boxing career from New York. He trained there under the supervision of Jerome Boxing Club, located at the Westchester Avenue. In the start of his career, Eubank was obsessed with training for boxing and went to gym every day. In the year 1984, Eubank won Spanish Golden Gloves tournament which took place in Madison Square. He achieved this only with he was 18 years old.

Chris featured as professional boxer after his fight against Tim Brown. This fight took place in Atlantas Hotel and Casino. Ten fights after this win went unnoticed. In was in February 1989, when Chris started to make headlines and people started noticing him.

Eubank grabbed the title of WBO middleweight after his iconic fight against Nigel Benn. This encounter was also released on DVD. Eubank defended his title successfully against Gary Stretch, Michael Watson and many more.

Chris Eubank Wife

Chris was married to Karron in the year 1990 and they got divorced in 2005. They both have total of four children together. After the divorce, Chris married his Manager, Claire but the marriage lasted only three years and did not end on good notes. Chris is now married to his third wife, whose name is a mystery and is never seen in front of the camera.

Chris Eubank

Chris Eubank Net Worth

Former English boxer’s net worth is estimated to be around £10 million euros during the peak of his career. According to the resources, as of year 2022, Eubank’s net worth is new reduced to only £330,000. Chris is also known as extravagant spender. He got his hands on a custom made Harley Davidson motorcycle and a big Peterbilt truck. Eubanks also makes a lot of donations and is very charitable man.

Adrian Broner Height and Weight

Height5 ft 10 in
Weight86  kg
Eye colorBlack
Face colorDark brown

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