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Clinton Jaws

Clinton Jaws is a Canadian YouTube channel by a Retired RCMP officer. The channel uploads a police podcast, and videos about what police do, and what they should not do. The channel has 3.27k subscribers, 337.82k views, and 299 videos on the channel.

Clinton Jaws Biography and Net Worth

Net worth           $2,179
Country          Canada
Created          16 Nov 2019
Views                     337.82K
Subscribers          3.27K
Videos          292

Clinton Jaws YouTube Channel

Clinton Jaws

On November 16, 2019, retired RCMP officer Clinton Jaws launched this channel. There is a police podcast or RCMP podcast on the channel Clinton Jaws. He concentrates on American and Canadian policing but rather talks about cops all the time. He started this YouTube podcast to explain the motivations behind the actions of the police. He frequently dissects policing videos only for educational purposes. He never depicts the death of a police officer and never uses overly violent imagery. He became aware that he had a tale to tell about the actual world of policing, Police management, hiring practices, and supervisors. Watch these episodes of podcasts if you want to learn more about how to become a police officer and what it is like to be a cop.

He talks about the good and bad aspects of being a police officer, the hiring process, police supervisors, current events, and his own life. He attempted to become a police officer in 1995 after three years of criminology but failed terribly. He has written a book about how he became a police officer and the difficulties he faced in that position. He also sells his merchandise on his website Clinton jaws which include different items.

Clinton Jaws Videos

The channel’s focus is to guide people who are willing to enter the police. He posts live streams weekly for the members-only who joined the channel as members. That live streams are locked and only members can have access where they can talk, ask questions and talk about anything they want. His private live streams are a positive way to interact without showing it to everyone. Apart from podcasts, he also posts videos as mentioned and he explains stories of different cops or ex-cops on his channel. The first video on the channel is “Police officer arrested”, in this video he explains the story of retired officer franklin who arrested retired officer sheriff and was fired. Years later Franklin won the case in court. In his second video “Best Police Pursuit Shooting” posted two years ago, he showed two bad boys being chased by police and charged with murder. More than 60 shots were exchanged between police and the criminals but officer Usama showed courage throughout the operation.

His first video to cross a thousand views was “Global News uses fake experts.” Some of his popular videos include “RCMP Commissioner Bullies police and interferes with investigation allegedly”, “Seattle police saver everyone”, “Amber heard breaks down with No Tears ex-cop reacts”, “will Smith punches Chris Rock Uncensored Oscars.” Some videos that are somehow more popular with more than 10k views are, “Halifax police called racist for doing a good job”, “the hardest part of the police application process”, and “Grand Prairie RCMP tripping Ball”, and “Your first day as a Cop.”

Clinton Jaws Net worth

The estimated net worth of Clinton jaws is approximately 2179 dollars. The channel earns 4 dollars daily and 28 dollars weekly depending on the number of views. The average monthly income of Clinton jaws is 91 dollars and the channel earns 1300 dollars yearly. The additional revenues are not included in these calculations as the channel can also earn apart from ads so the net worth can be high.


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