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Coke Studio

An official YouTube channel of the longest-running Pakistani TV program and international Music Franchise, Coke Studio features studio-recorded performances. Coke Studio Pakistan showcases the best of Pakistani music by combining some of the top singers, musicians, and songwriters and providing them with a platform to honor Pakistan’s rich musical legacy. One of the most subscribed Pakistani YouTube channels, Coke Studio has more than 13 million subscribers as of 2022.

Coke Studio Biography and Net Worth

Net Worth                  $20 million
Creator                        Rohail Hyatt, Nadeem Zaman
Country                       Pakistan
Created                       7 Aug 2014
Views                           3.3 Billion
Subscribers                 13 Million
Videos                         500+
Coke Studio

Coke Studio TV Program Launch

When musical performances were conducted on a platform like a concert in Brazil in 2007, Nadeem Zaman of The Coca-Cola Company came up with the idea for the show. In 2008, Rohail Hyatt and Nadeem Zaman, then the marketing head of The Coca-Cola Company, embraced the idea to launch a Pakistani version of the program. In front of a live audience, the first episode of the season premiered in June. Live audiences were excluded in season 2 and performances took place in a closed studio platform, a format that is still used today.

Coke Studio YouTube Channel Launch

Official YouTube Channel Coke Studio was launched on 7 August 2014 during the 7th season of the show. With the release of the YouTube channel, the success of coke studio increased many folds. Channel was initially launched to upload the official tracks so the public can have access to wonderful music anytime.

Coke Studio Content

From traditional classical, folk, Sufi, qawwali, ghazal, and bhangra music to modern hip hop, rock, and pop music, Coke Studio incorporates a wide range of musical influences. The program is renowned for encouraging Pakistan’s multiculturalism by enlisting the musical collaboration of performers from numerous regions and languages. Ali Zafar, Ali Sethi, QB, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Momina Mustehsan, and Atif Aslam are just a few of the best musical artists from Pakistan that Coke Studio has proudly showcased. The brand also continues to look hard for undiscovered talent in Pakistan and celebrate it.

Coke Studio Popular Videos

Atif Aslam’s performance of the qawwali “Tajdar-e-Haram” by the Sabri Brothers in Coke Studio Season 8 surpassed 100 million views on YouTube on November 1 of that year. Making it the first Pakistani-made video to set the historic record and this video has 397 million views as of 2022. Later, on 3 November, Momina Mustehsan and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan’s cover of “Afreen Afreen” became the second Pakistani-originated video to reach 100 million views on YouTube. The song “Pasoori” by Ali Sethi and Shae Gill received 313 million YouTube views in season 14 2022 and quickly gained popularity in India. These three videos have received more than 1120 million views as of 2022 (Pasoori 350 million views, Afreen 370 million views, and Tajdar e Haram 397 million).

Coke Studio

Coke studio Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Coke Studio is $20 million as of 2022. The estimated monthly earning from the channel is $500 thousand and $5 million a year from YouTube ad revenue. If the channel performs well, the yearly income for Coke Studio can be more than $8 million.

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