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Dallas Austin

Dallas Austin is a musician, songwriter, instrument player, as well as a record and film producer. The 51-year-old American producer owned various labels including Rowdy, Limp Records, and FREEWORLD.

Dallas Austin Biography and Net Worth

Net Worth                       $35 million
Full Name                        Dallas L. Austin
Birth Date                        December 29, 1970
Age                                   51 years
Birthplace                       Columbus, Georgia, United States
Profession                      Musician, Record and Film Producer
Dallas Austin
Dallas Austin

Dallas Austin Early Life

Dallas Austin had a rough childhood growing up and found solace in music. He was born in Columbus, Georgia, and that is also where he grew up. He was frequently in trouble with authorities due to his troubling behavior and criminal activities including robbery and drug trafficking. Deciding to leave it all behind and get a fresh start, Austin moved to Atlanta and started focusing on his music and life.

Dallas Austin Early Career

Dallas Austin was provided with his first opportunity in the music industry after he met Klymaxx member Joyce Irby. Irby was a business partner of William (Vybe Chyle) Burke, who managed Austin. Joyce Irby was passionate about launching Austin in the industry and went to several labels with Austin’s music. Even after initial rejections she didn’t give up. She was set on the task of making the world hear Dallas Austin’s music. It was in 1989 that she finally secured a solo deal for Austin. The deal was struck with Motown Records. They had three charted Billboard singles and one of the singles titled ‘Mr. DJ’ featuring Doug E. Fresh and co-produced by Austin peaked at number 2 in music charts.

Dallas Austin Success

With his single Mr. DJ peaking charts, Austin finally got the recognition he deserved. After the breakthrough, he went to produce songs including ‘My Music’ and ‘I Will Always Love You’. He released the songs for Troop’s album titled Attitude, which was released in 1989. After working for Motown Records for quite some time, Austin was employed by L.A. Reid and Babyface. They collaborated for LaFace Records and Austin helped them produce their debut album. After that he signed a short deal to work with a group Highland Place Monsters. He worked for ‘After 7’ and helped them produce several songs on their second album titled ‘Takin’ my Time’. He also served as a producer for Madonna’s 1994 album ‘Bedtime Stories’. He also produced pop hits like TLC’S Unpretty, Just Like a Pill and Don’t Let me Get Me for Pink, and Cool which was a single by Gwen Stefani released in 2004.

Dallas Austin Record Labels

  • 1992 – Rowdy Records
  • 1993 – Limp Records
  • 1998 – Freeworld Entertainment

Dallas Austin Recording Studio

  • D.A.R.P. ‘Dallas Austin’s Recording Projects’.
  • Renamed to; UAMG ‘Urban Angels Music Group’.

Dallas Austin Family

Austin is a father of 3 children. He had a son with TLC’s singer Chilli and also adopted his niece after his brother passed away.

Dallas Austin

Dallas Austin Net Worth

Being a record producer as well as a talented songwriter and instrument player, Austin has been able to earn a net worth of 35 million dollars. Coming from humble beginnings he has been able to achieve a massive income through his hard work and talent.

Dallas Austin Height and Weight

Height                       5’7”
Weight                     65 kg
Eye Color                 Dark Brown
Hair Color                Black

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