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David Beador

David Beador is an American businessman. He is an entrepreneur and business owner. David Beador is the CEO and founder of Beador Construction Incorporation. He became a famous name in the entertainment industry when he married Shannon Beador.

David Beador Biography and Net Worth

Net worth $20 M
Full NameDavid Beador
Birth DateDecember 6, 1965
Age58 years
Birthplace United States
David Beador

David Beador Early Life and Construction Company

Born on December 6, 1965, David Beador is an entrepreneur and businessman. His company is based in Newport Beach. He founded his construction company by the name of ‘Beador Construction Inc’ in 1996. He worked with his father and the two were co-founders of the company. The construction company employs almost eighty people and mostly works in the construction of highways, streets, and bridges. Her who serves as the CEO of the Beador Construction Incorporation has also ventured into residential construction such as single-family homes. However, the real estate company is majorly involved in non-residential construction.

David Beador Personal Life

David Beador married the star of the show ‘The Real Housewives of Orange County Shannon Beador. The two got married in 2000 and had their first daughter in 2002. Later they welcome a set of twins in 2004. During their marriage, the couple appeared on the show and worked their way through the marriage and raising three kids.

The Real Housewives of Orange County is a reality TV show that was heavily centered on his family. However, in 2017, Shannon asked for a divorce and the marriage finally ended in 2019. During that time, David Beador was accused of infidelity in the marriage. The couple was granted joint custody of the children and during their divorce settlements, David Beador had to pay 1.4 million dollars to Shannon Beador along with child support.

Following his split from Shannon, he started a relationship with Lesley Cook and the two got married in 2020 and also have a daughter together.

He and Shannon are still working on their co-parenting which is discussed on Shannon’s show.

David Beador TV appearances

 While he was married to Shannon Beador, David appeared on almost 60 episodes of the reality TV show ‘The Real Housewives. He was heavily featured on the show between 2014 to 2017. His other TV appearances include shows such as ‘Home and Family, ‘Watch What Happens; Live’, and ‘Steve Harvey’.

David Beador

David Beador Net Worth

He started his construction company by the name of ‘Beador Construction Incorporation’ in 1996 with his father. Currently, he serves as the CEO of the company and is the managing head. In addition to this, he became a prominent figure in reality TV shows when he married the star of the show, The Real Housewives Shannon Beador. With a successful construction business that he has built over the course of two decades, he has been able to amass a net worth of 20 million dollars.

David Beador Features

Weight                     70 kg
Height                      5’6’’
Eye Color                 Blue
Hair Color                Grey

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