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Dude Perfect

Dude Perfect is a billion-dollar sports entertainment company headquartered in Frisco, Texas. It all started with a bet on a basketball shot and a sandwich and now they upload videos to YouTube on a regular basis with billions of views. On YouTube, the channel Dude Perfect is the second most subscribed sports channel and the 12th most subscribed overall in world.

Dude Perfect’s most popular content comprises mostly of videos including numerous trick shots and stunts that are edited together with lively music. Dude Perfect also often uploads videos of “battles,” in which individual members fight against one another in a friendly game or contest that usually includes aspects and creative twists on various sports.

Dude Perfect Biography and Net Worth

Net Worth      $25 Million
Created               March 17, 2009
Profession             Sports entertainment group on YouTube
Country             USA
Subscribers    57.5M
Total views    14.38B

Early Life

What began as a video of a bunch of friends competing for basketball supremacy by doing trick shots is now a globally viewed show known as “Dude Perfect (DP).”

Former Texas A&M University roommates Cory and Cobby Cotton twins, Gareth Hilbert, Cody Jones, and Tyler “T” Toney created Dude Perfect after they released their recorded basketball skills shots performance video on YouTube. In just two weeks, the first video, which was posted on March 16, 2009, on YouTube, had 200,000 views and that was the turning point.

The huge traffic produced by the first video prompted them to create a follow-up video not long after the first.

Members of Dude Perfect

Cory and Cobby Cotton, Gareth Hilbert, Cody Jones, and Tyler “T” Toney, who produce compelling entertainment for its subscribers, founded Dude Perfect (DP).

Dude Perfect Member’s age

Fans are often fascinated about the Dude Perfect ages due to their athletic character and excellent skills.

Tyler Toney                       35 years (24 March 1987)
Cory and Cody Cotton     35 years (17 July 1987)
Garrett Hilbert                  35 years (13 May 1987)
Cody Jones                        35 years (9 October 1987)

Dude Perfect Member’s wives

Tyler proudly declares that he is Bethany Toney’s husband. Nathan Toney, their darling boy, was born to them.

Amy Cotton’s husband is Cory Cotton. She is a stunning woman with well-contoured skin, as evidenced by her Instagram photos. Cory is a father of twins as well. His identical brother, on the other hand, is married to Aubrey Ellet, a stunning young woman. Both of them appear to be content in their relationships.

In 2011, Garrett Hilbert married his lovely bride Kristin. This wonderful couple has two kids, Lincoln and Owen Hilbert, as well as a daughter, Iris Hilbert.

Cody Jones, the group’s final member, is also married to Allison Jones, his long-term love. He is also the father of two wonderful children, Landry and Lucy Jones. 

The career of Dude Perfect

The Sport and Comedy group specializes in producing video content that features various stunts and trick shots. The gang also competes for domination in various sporting activities, such as basketball or the like, with strict regulations in place to keep their audience entertained. The group’s first video, “Backyard Edition: Our 1st Video!” had over 45 million views after 11 years on YouTube. Perfect Dude YouTube now has 57.6 million followers, making it the second most subscribed sports channel on YouTube and the twelfth most subscribed channel overall.

“Sky Ranch,” their second video on the channel, has received over 18 million views to date and following that, ESPN approached Dude Perfect about doing a segment with them and that was the biggest opportunity.

Dude Perfect has worked with a variety of athletes and released a mobile game for Android and iOS in 2011.

The Harlem Globetrotters chose Dude Perfect for their annual player draught in 2015 and later approved “The Dude Perfect Show” as a television series.

Dude Perfect Net Worth

Dude Perfect has a net worth of $30 million and generates an estimated $12 million each year from YouTube. Furthermore, YouTube is not the sole source of revenue for the company. Other streams of income included merchandising, TV series, influencer deals, and mobile apps, among others.

Dude Perfect Achievements

In 2009, one of the cast members surpassed the record for the longest basketball shot by hitting from the third deck of Kyle Field.

They broke their own record with a 216-foot (66-meter) cross-tower shot with a 150-foot hoop (46m). Their video with the name “Ping Pong Trick Shots 3” was ranked third on YouTube’s Top Viral Videos list.

The World’s top athletes who have collaborated with Dude Perfect are Serena Williams, Morgan Beck, Aaron Rodgers Chris Paul, Luke Bryan, and Ricky Stenhouse Jr.

The group came up with the term “Dude Perfect Merch,” which translates to “Dude Perfect Merchandise.” Branded t-Shirts, posters, stickers, wristbands, basketball and accessories, headwear, and many other items are now on sale at the Merch.

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