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Dumb TV is a YouTube channel from Pakistan created by Hamza Dhoon. Dumb TV’s content includes pranks, social experiments, Giveaways, and Challenges. The main niche of Dumb TV is pranks and they are famous for amazing pranks in Pakistan. Dumb TV has more than 2.7 million subscribers and 313 million+ views as of 2022.

Dumb TV Biography And Net Worth

Net Worth             $1 million
Created                 11 July 2018
Creator                  Hamza Dhoon
Views                     313 million
Videos                    240+
Subscribers            2.7 million
Country                  Pakistan

Dumb TV Creation

The YouTube channel, Dumb TV was created by Hamza Dhoon and his friends on 11 July 2018. The channel was started just for pranks but later the content was expanded. Hamza Dhoon is the director and producer of videos and the main creator of the channel but he has his whole team.

From direction to music and set, everything in the videos is perfect and all this is because of teamwork. His friends, Raheel, Muneeb, and Rabeel are part of his team and they are always part of his videos. Dumb TV has crossed 2 million subscribers in 4 years with hard work and dedication.

Dumb TV Content

As we know the videos on Dumb TV are mostly scripted prank videos. Some challenges and social experiments are also produced by dumb TV.  For pranks, they have to write a complete script, decide the location, characters, and costumes to proceed further. Pranks are not easy just like other videos as they have to prepare completely so when they shoot a video no one can spot the camera.

For social experiments, they have to write a complete idea and then shoot a video in a specific location. For example, they did a social experiment in a university where they were asking the students if they would prefer a book or money and that was their popular experiment.

Dumb TV Popular Videos

The most popular video on Dumb TV was “Giving Food Secretly Part 2 | Ramadan Special” and this video has more than 50 million views as of 2022. This was the heart Warming Video, in which Dumb TV creators Muneeb and Raheel gave food bags secretly to deserving persons. This video was loved by the whole country and internationally also and Hamza was the producer of this video.

The second popular video on the channel was “Ninja Begum” and this video has 11 million views as of 2022. This was a funny prank video where a lady in Abaya was seen doing stunts on the beach and the reaction by the public was hilarious. Some other popular videos on the channel are “Ninja Dadi | Dumb TV 2020”, “I’m Indian, Hug or Slap? (Social Experiment)”, and “Disturbing a girl in Lift | Social Experiment.”

Dumb TV Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Dumb TV is $1 million as of 2022. Dumb TV makes between $484 and $3,059 on average from each video. The number of monthly views, location, number of subscribers, and user interaction are only a few of the variables used to determine net worth. These factors lead us to believe that Dumb TV’s YouTube channel generates between $2.3k and $14.9k in revenue each month.

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