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Evie Meg

Evie Meg who has a tag name and social media name “thistrippyhippie” is an active and vibrant social media identity who brings unique features to the social media. Evie Meg is a well-known Mandela art expert and also a YouTube star. Evie Meg also has her Instagram and TikTok accounts which she has a huge number of fans following. Evie Meg is famous due to her personal life vlogging on her YouTube channel. Evie Meg was diagnosed with a disease of “Tourette’s Syndrome” and that is the reason that we can watch Evie Mega long with convulsions and seizures in her Vlogs and tell that how you can deal with this problem.   

 Evie Meg creates content on the subjects of Mandela art and another personal life vlog that use the sign language of Britain. Due to her Syndrome she is diagnosed by a doctor, he has to suffer physically and mentally but she has the ability to overcome that stress. Evie Meg has gained greater than 14 million fans following for her TikTok account named “@thistrippyhippie” where she posts entertaining and creative material for her followers.

Evie Meg Biography and Net Worth:

NameEvie Meg
Tag namethistrippyhippie
Date of birththe twenty-second of July 2000
Age22 years
Zodiac signLeo

Biography of Evie Meg:

Evie Meg opened her eyes to this world for the first time on the twenty-second of July 2000 and according to this birthday, now in 2022, she is 22 years old. Evie Meg is a popular TikTok sensation, YouTube star, and also social media sensation. The main reason for her popularity is her success along with her syndrome. Evie Meg has faced and also facing huge challenges in her life. That was the time when she decided to face all the hurdles in her life with a great heart. Before fame, she was literally worried about her life in the future and remained confused, complex, and depressed. Evie Meg owns the British nationality.

Professions of Evie Meg:

Professionally Evie Meg is a Mandela artist and popular social media sensation who used to share her daily life routine and vlogging with the public. Due to her Mandela art and personal vlog, Evie Meg has gained a huge number of fans following on social media applications.

Dating of Evie Meg:

Evie Meg has a dating relationship with “Peter Thomas”. Both of them have a strong relationship between them and we cannot find any conflicts and issues in their relationship through any sources. Evie Meg and Peter Thomas have a deep love and care for each other that could be watched in their social media posts.

Social media accounts of Evie Meg:

Evie Meg owns her accounts on a variety of social media platforms like TikTok, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram which she uses to share her stunning pictures and creative videos.

Some vibrant accounts of Evie Meg are as follows:

  • The Instagram account of Evie Meg could find as “@eviemer”.
  • The TikTok account of Evie Meg could find as “@thistrippyhippie.
  • The YouTube account of Evie Meg could find as “This Trippy Hippie”.

The net worth of Evie Meg:

The net worth of Evie Meg according to 2021-2022 is estimated round about one million dollars to five million dollars by Forbes and Wikipedia. Evie Meg earned this net worth through her social media applications and Mandela art.

Educational background of Evie Meg:

Evie Meg has completed her high school at a university situated in London with exceptional grades. That means that she remained a good student during her education.

Some facts and information about Evie Meg:

  • Evie Meg loves cooking and used to cook food for her own delight.
  • Evie Meg does not smoke and drinks alcohol anyways.
  • Evie Meg used to go to Gym on regular bases for the sake of activeness and fitness.
  • Hobbies of Evie Meg are learning, reading, social media surfing, and photography.
  • The hometown of Evie Meg is London, England, United Kingdom.

Apparent looks of Evie Meg:

Evie Meg owns the height of five feet and seven inches (5’7”) and according to this height, she owns a fair weight of sixty-four kilogram (64kg).

Evie Meg has dark-brown-shaded hair and light-brown-shaded mesmerizing eyes.

Eye colorlight-brown
Hair colordark-brown

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