Fantom Singh Canada Biography, Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Girlfriend, Family, Fact, and More

Fantom Singh Canada

Fantom Singh Canada Biography and Net Worth

Net Worth                         $40k
Founded                            10 September 2018
Founded                            Amanjot Dhanjjal
Country                             Canada
Subscribers                      107k
Videos                               153
Views                                 8 Million

Fantom Singh Canada is a Canadian YouTube channel created by Amanjot Dhanjjal. The Channel has all information regarding Canadian visas, employment, Work permit, International students, and permanent residency in Canada with daily vlogs by Amanjot. Fantom Singh Canada has 107k subscribers, 8 million views, and 153 videos posted.

Fantom Singh Canada Founder Biograph

Fantom Singh Canada

Amanjot Dhanjjal or Fantom Singh is an Indian from Punjab. He came to Canada in 2017 on a study visa and he is an engineer by education. He came to Canada for his post-graduation in project management from Lambton College Mississauga Campus. He is a skilled carpenter in Canada and works full time as a carpenter. He started posting informational YouTube videos in 2019 for individuals who want to go to Canada or are in Canada. His content is some educational videos and Punjabi vlogs from his daily life. He has achieved his 100k subscribers in 2021.

Through his hard work and dedication he bought his own BMW car in cash in Canada, he came as a student on a student loan from the Canadian government.  He has paid his entire loan and living a great life in Canada just because of his passion for work. Fantom Singh is a married man and he recently got married to his long-time Punjabi girlfriend Rajinder. They were engaged in December 2021 and in March 2022, they got married. Fantom Singh went to India after 5 years in 2021 for his wedding. He is currently working in Canada and living there with his wife. He posts two videos weekly on his channel Fantom Singh Canada and his fan following has increased in recent years due to his informative videos. He also has an Instagram and Facebook account with the username Fantom Singh.

Fantom Singh Canada Channel

Fantom Singh Canada

Amanjot Dhanjjal created Fantom Singh Canada on 18 September 2018. He started posting videos related to Canada in 2019. He shared videos related to his personal experience and different information for international students in Canada. Fantom Singh is an inspiration for others living inside or outside Canada and he shares his personal experiences on his channel that can help them.  He posts videos regarding Canadian residency, skilled visas, employment visas, student visas, and different work options in Canada. He also discusses the income of different types of jobs and the type of jobs students should do in Canada with their studies.

Along with these educational videos regarding Canada, he shares Punjabi vlogs with his audience. His Punjabi vlogs are entertaining and informational as well. He is able to gather 8 million views on his channel and that is a big number. Fantom Singh Canada has 153 videos posted and some of his most-viewed videos include “7 Big Updates from Canada”,” Ring Ceremony”, “Canadian PR story”, “a student doing CNC work”, “Easy Canada PR with5.5 IELTS band” and “Punjabi student truck driver.” He has explained different jobs in Canada with salaries in detail. Fantom Singh Canada has 107k subscribers and the following is increasing day by day.

Fantom Singh Canada Net worth

The estimated net worth of Fantom Singh Canada is $40k approximately. The channel makes $23 daily and $164 weekly. From this data, the monthly income of Fantom Singh Canada is $1200 and the yearly income is $1600. The above calculation is based on views and cost per thousand views of the channel. The actual net worth of the channel can be high with additional revenues e.g. sponsorships and product sales etc.

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