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Fitz Biography and Net Worth

Net Worth                   $1 Million
Full Name                    Cameron McKay
Birth Date                    17 September 1996
Age                                25 years
Birthplace                     New Zealand
Profession                    YouTube Star, gamer

Fitz, whose real name is Cameron McKay, also known as GoodGuyFitz is a New Zealand-based YouTuber who is best known for his commentary in RPG gaming videos and comedic gaming videos that he uploads to his “Fitz” channel. In addition, he also has a second YouTube channel called “Also Fitz” where he posts funny gaming, teamwork, and vlog content. More than 1.5 million people follow him on Instagram, more than 1 million people follow him on Twitter, and more than 5.4 million people follow him on YouTube.

GoodGuyFitz Early life


On September 17, 1996, Fitz was born in New Zealand, Cameron is his name. He began his YouTube career after graduating from high school. Before the start of his university, he had plenty of spare time. As a result, he considered trying “YouTube.” Back then, Fitz was employed by a restaurant. He was able to cover his expenses thanks to his job. He disliked his job, though. Fitz was unsure of the disciplines he should take for his university course. Even though he ultimately decided on the arts, he quickly lost interest in this subject and left after a year.

He stated in one of his YouTube videos that he left school not because he wanted to pursue “YouTube,” but rather because he had no interest in academics. But he was happy that he had become a “YouTuber” and had begun making enough money to support himself. GoodGuyFitz was a big “Minecraft” game player in his adolescence.

GoodGuyFitz Career


On January 28, 2014, GoodGuyFitz launched his very first “YouTube” channel. He also goes by the name “Fitz,” which is also the name of his main channel right now.  As a commentator on the gaming site, Fitz became well-known. He mostly produces video game content for well-known titles including “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive,” “DayZ,” “H1Z1,” and “Battlefield.” The video games “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds” (PUBG) and “Fortnite” are two that he has lately started covering. He frequently includes humorous game moments in his game montages.

Fitz didn’t immediately get a tonne of responses. His early videos had few “views,” in certain cases. Early on, just produced straightforward gameplay videos. He then decided to work with well-known “YouTube” players who had millions of channel subscribers. Additionally, Fitz began incorporating jokes and amusing scenes into his montages.

The decision paid off in the end and aided GoodGuyFitz in increasing the number of channel subscribers. “AUSSIE MATCHMAKING BANTER 2 (CS: GO Funny Moments)” was the first video on his channel to surpass one million “views.” The popularity of Fitz’s videos has grown due to his exceptional editing abilities and humorous personality. His material, however, cannot be categorized as kid-friendly.

The number of “views” on GoodGuyFitz’s YouTube channel has reached millions. The two videos with the most “views” on the channel are “FORTNITE 18+ EDITION” and “WHEN GIRLS PLAY CS: GO 2.” Over 5.4 million people are now subscribers to the channel.

GoodGuyFitz Second YouTube Channel

GoodGuyFitz debuted his second “YouTube” channel, “Also Fitz,” on June 27, 2018. Deleted sequences, live-stream highlights, and additional material that is exclusive to this channel are its only focus. This channel has also increased its subscriber base to over 2 million.

GoodGuyFitz Social Media

GoodGuyFitz has more than 267 thousand Twitch followers and broadcasts live there. His posts on his “Instagram” account, which he also maintains, have brought him more than 1 million followers. Fitz runs a clothing brand and has more than 1.2 million followers on Twitter.

GoodGuyFitz Girlfriend

Fitz is single nowadays and not dating anybody. Two years ago Fitz was accused of being in a relationship with his best friend’s girlfriend Katherine, a fellow YouTuber, when CallMeCarson unfollowed both Katherine and Fitz. CallMeCarson accused his girlfriend and best friend of cheating on him and the matter was discussed everywhere. Later on, they apologized to each other and the matter was sorted.

GoodGuyFitz Net worth

Fitz’s net worth is approximately $1 million. Although the exact net worth is unclear, we estimate it to be close to 1 million dollars. The prediction for 1 million dollars is solely dependent on YouTube advertising revenue and Fitz’s Net Worth therefore might actually be higher. Fitz’s net worth may be closer to $1.5 million when these extra sources of income are taken into account.

An estimated $83.61 thousand is Fitz’s annual income. His YouTube channel receives over 46.45 thousand views per day and 1.39 million views per month on average. Fitz makes, according to our calculations, $5.57 thousand per month or $200 thousand annually. If Fitz makes the highest possible income, he might make up to $400k per year from advertisements.

GoodGuyFitz Height and weight

Height5 ft 7 in
Weight75 kg
Eye Colorbrown
Hair colour black

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