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The most popular football channel from Germany on YouTube, freekickerz, features instructional, free kicks, challenges, tests of football boots and cleats, amateur goals, football stunts, and skills. The most Subscribed Football channel from Germany, Freekickerz has almost 8.6 million subscribers and 2.3 billion views with more than 1400 videos on it.

Freekickerz Biography and Net Worth

Net Worth                     $15 M
Created                         2 January 2010
Creator                         Konstantin Hert
Country                         Germany
Subscriber                    8.6 M
Views                             2.3 B
Videos                           1400+

Start of Freekickerz

Konstantin Hert, a student from Altenriet, started the YouTube channel freekickerz in January 2010. After completing his business economics degree at Hohenheim University in 2012, he turned his attention to creating YouTube videos. About sixteen years ago, Konzi got his first camera, and that was when everything began. The initial recordings of their free kicks, however, were not very professional and were only shared with friends or posted in forums.

Even though the boys only occasionally produced material and the community was still very clear, Konzi discovered the YouTube platform in 2006 and started posting his own videos on Google’s video platform. The videos were clicked quite frequently even then (the first video had already reached over a million clicks after 2 years). After drinking heavily on New Year’s Eve 2010, Konzi decided to launch his own YouTube channel with exclusively football-related footage since the free kicks had already been posted on his personal channel. The name search was straightforward,

Freekickerz Content

The channel features football-related content. The freekickerz squad plays against worldwide football talents like Robert Lewandowski, Roman Weidenfeller, Cesc Fàbregas, Thomas Müller, or Mats Hummels in a variety of so-called “challenges” throughout the year. For instance, duels during free kicks or penalty shootouts fall under this category. Additionally, there are product evaluations of things like footballs or soccer shoes. The playing and shooting methods of professional football players are examined, and spectators receive advice on how to develop their own techniques.

Konzi (founder), Daniel, and Michi make up the teamfk. This channel focuses entirely on user-generated soccer material, including free kicks, tutorials, tips & tricks, tests and evaluations of soccer equipment (balls, shoes, and goalkeeper gear), and top-five Goals of the week chosen by YouTube. Freekickerz surpassed Gronkh as the most subscribed German YouTuber in May 2016.


Freekickerz Videos

The first video uploaded on the channel was “Best Free Kicks Montage Vol.0 by freekickerz.” This first video of the channel has 235 thousand views as of now. The most viewed video on the channel is “BEST SOCCER FOOTBALL VINES – GOALS, SKILLS, FAILS #12” which has 45 million views as of 2022, posted on 25 October 2016.  Some popular videos of freekickerz are “Best Free Kicks Montage Vol.0 by freekickerz-24 million views”, freekickerz vs Sergio Ramos – Penalty Football Challenge- 25 million views”, “BEST SOCCER FOOTBALL VINES – GOALS, SKILLS, FAILS #19 -20 million”, “Lewandowski vs freekickerz ⚽ Free Kick Shootout -18 million”, “What’s inside this BIG Nike Box ?! -14 million”, and “BEST SOCCER FOOTBALL VINES – GOALS, SKILLS, FAILS #23 -14 million.”

Other notable videos of the channel are “BEST OF – TOP 100 FOOTBALL SOCCER VINES, GOALS & FAILS”, “freekickerz vs. Manuel Neuer – Ultimate Football Challenges”, “Aubameyang vs Rashford vs Oxlade-Chamberlaine vs Benteke vs Silva vs Icardi – Nike Strike Night”, “BEST OF – TOP 100 SOCCER FOOTBALL FAILS 2015”, and “BEST SOCCER FOOTBALL VINES – GOALS, SKILLS, FAILS #07.”

Freekickerz Achievements

The channel has won 2015 play awards in the sports category and the 2018 Golden Camera Digital Award in the category of Best of Sport. Freekickerz was nominated for German web video awards in the complete work category and Golden Hen 2018 in the category of online stars.

Freekickerz Net Worth

The estimated net worth of freekickerz is $15 million. However, that estimate only considers one source of income and the estimated worth of freekickerz is more than $15 million. In fact, some estimates put freekickerz’s net worth as high as $17 million when taking into account additional sources of revenue for an influencer. Freekickerz reportedly makes $530,000 annually. More than 12.53 million people watch the videos on the YouTube channel freekickerz each month. Playing advertisements on monetized YouTube channels brings in money and YouTube channels typically make between $3 -$7 for every thousand video views.

If freekickerz’s earnings fall within this range, they are estimated to earn $50,000 per month or $530,000 annually. However, we might be understating Freekickerz’s income. Freekickerz might earn up to $700 thousand annually at the top end. YouTubers also rarely rely just on one source of income, as sponsorships, affiliate commissions, product sales, and speaking engagements are additional revenue sources that may produce significantly more money than advertising.


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