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FruityPoppin Biography and Net Worth

Net Worth               $300 thousand
Real Name               Karen IP
Date of Birth    August 10, 2000
Age                           21 years
Birthplace          Hong Kong, China
Profession               YouTube Star, Instagram Star

Karen Ip, also known as FruityPoppin, is a popular Instagram star, YouTuber, and expert in fashion and beauty. She rose to fame after her Instagram video “Pika Pika” went viral. One of the most prominent Asian social media influencers in her age group, Karen is famous for her smart, hilarious, and Asian culture-focused videos.

A significant following has also grown for Fruitypoppin’s YouTube channel, which features vlogs of her daily activities, Q&A sessions, and ASMR videos. Some of the most popular videos on the channel are her “This Is an ASMR video” series and “No Honor Roll, No Spring Roll” episode.

FruityPoppin Early Life


Karen Ip was born to Chinese parents on August 10, 2000, in Hong Kong, China. When she was a young girl, her family relocated to Toronto, Canada, led by her father, who runs the ‘Papapoppin‘ Instagram account. Despite appearing in many posts, her mother’s name is unknown on social media. On June 30, 2018, Karen earned her high school diploma, and she intends to finish her university studies.

Her parents only have one child, Karen. She goes by the pseudonym FruityPoppin even though her real name is Karen and she goes by the moniker Baby Kae.

FruityPoppin Career Beginnings


Education was always prioritized in her family, which was an Asian immigrant family living in Canada. However, Karen Ip had a lifelong fascination with social media, particularly Instagram. She signed up for Instagram in 2015, and on October 9, she posted her first image, titled “The importance of importance.” Back then, people called her “Baby Kae.” As a result, she began to get more attention once she started sharing pictures of the clothes, foods, and beauty brands she liked to wear.

She made a deliberate choice to distinguish herself from the thousands of other Instagram stars, though, right here. She also started publishing pictures and videos of herself without any makeup, emphasizing the importance of accepting oneself regardless of appearance. She simultaneously revealed her unpretentious side by acknowledging that she enjoyed applying cosmetics and that it made her happy. Many of the people who began to follow her on the Instagram account that is now called “FruityPoppin” praised her for displaying both sides of her personality on social media.

FruityPoppin Fame

Karen “FruityPoppin” did not become a household name on Instagram until August 15, 2017, despite her tiny vlogs on Instagram gaining more followers. She uploaded a video of herself, shortly before her mother called to ask her to dinner. She continued to make the video after responding to her mother in conventional Cantonese, saying “pika pika, bitch,” while holding up a Pokémon ball. The video was not particularly notable, but the natural comedy, the amusing situation, and her mother’s response made sure that the footage went viral. More than 1.6 million people watched the video, and numerous celebrities, like Drake, reposted it.

She gained more than 1.1 million Instagram followers in the next six months because of all this attention. In 2018, Karen continued to share fashion and cosmetics advice on her account. The 1.4 million followers she now has online are a result of her desire to share both her glossy and unglamorous side with admirers. Karen Ip began to take her YouTube channel “FruityPoppin” more seriously at the end of 2017. She typically opens her videos with the line “Hey folks! What is Gucci, What’s Poppin? She first began by publishing makeup tutorial videos under the name “Sweet Dewy Sugar.”

While residing in Canada, Fruitypoppin started making humorous videos that gave viewers a glimpse into her Asian culture. No Honor Roll, No Spring Roll, a YouTube video she uploaded on January 6, 2018, quickly rose to the top of her channel with over 1.4 million views. Equally well-liked is Karen’s “This Is An ASMR Video” series, which has amassed millions of views and brought her subscriber count to 700k+ in under a year.

FruityPoppin Boyfriend

FruityPoppin is currently single and has no boyfriend. Although it may be difficult to believe, the stunning YouTuber has never been involved in a serious relationship. She has not set aside time for romance in her life because she is motivated to build her content in an exciting way. Karen has not had any previous relationships either.

FruityPoppin Net Worth

As of 2022, FruityPoppin has a $300,000 net worth. She primarily makes money through Instagram and YouTube. Karen earns money from the subscription fees that her videos generate on YouTube. She also lately started endorsing brands in addition to that.

She reportedly earns $2 to $3 thousand for each Instagram post, according to some media sources. Additionally, she accepts sponsorship offers and benefits financially from them.

FruityPoppin Physical Stats

Height in Feet    5.4
Weight    48 kg
Measurement    35-24-35
Hair Color    Brown
Eye Color    Dark Brown

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