Fung Brothers Biography, Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Girlfriend, Family, Fact, and More

Fung Brothers

Fung Brothers Biography and Net Worth

Net Worth              $1 Million
Channel Name        Fung Brothers
Owners                     David & Andrew
David Age                 35 years
Andrew Age             34 years
Born                         Kent, Washington
Subscribers              2 Million

The Fung Brothers are Andrew and David Fung, two Chinese-American brothers. They are American comedians and rappers who were raised in Kent, Washington. Their most popular YouTube videos include those featuring NBA player Jeremy Lin, Asian food, and Area 626 of the San Gabriel Valley. They are famous for their YouTube channel with 2+ Million subscribers and hundreds of thousands of views.

In addition, FYI, they have a TC show called “Broke Bites: What Fung?” on the A&E Network. The majority of their content on both platforms focuses on Asian-American concerns and topics. They have created content on topics like men’s fashion, sneakers, hip-hop music, and haircut trends.

Fung Brothers Early Life

Fung Brothers

David Fung was born on September 1, 1986, while Andrew Fung was born on March 30, 1988. David and Andrew Fung were raised in Kent, Washington’s East Hill area after being born in the country to Chinese parents. Their mother, who is of Shandong descent and was born in Shanghai, was raised throughout China and Japan, specifically Shandong, Shanghai, and Hong Kong. Fung’s brother’s father is from Guangzhou and was raised in Hong Kong.

The Fung brothers went to Kentwood High School. The Fung brothers decided to live in the Los Angeles area after receiving their degrees from the University of Washington in Seattle. They initially did so in Koreatown and eventually moved to Monterey Park and Alhambra in the San Gabriel Valley of Los Angeles County.

Their parents expected them to pursue careers as doctors or lawyers. The brothers had a constant desire to escape the restrictions and atmosphere of their traditional families. Their family is not at all typical, so they came to Los Angeles to pursue a fascinating and adventurous new career.

Fung Brothers Career

Fung Brothers

The Fung Brothers started hosting Broke Bites: What the Fung. In 2015 on the FYI channel of the A&E Network. With a fifty-dollar budget, Andrew and David explore the country in quest of the greatest places to eat.

They appeared in a 2012 program called The Fung Brothers Mess with Texas on the “Hungry” YouTube channel. On this show, they sampled meals from restaurants across Texas.

Since Jeremy Lin originally joined the Golden State Warriors, The Fung Brothers have produced a number of videos about the Taiwanese American NBA player. Their most well-known Jeremy Lin videos are from the “Jeremy Lin Effect” series, which were created at the height of “Linsanity” when Lin joined the New York Knicks.

First, Mike Eshaq directed, produced, and edited the Jeremy Lin Effect video. Timothy Tau directed, produced, and edited “Linsanity,” and Tommy Su directed, produced, and edited “Linsanity Withdrawals,” the third video. Fung Brothers acted in all of them and wrote these.

David Fung has also conducted celebrity interviews on, a well-known Korean website. Some prominent interviewees include Far East Movement, a hip-hop group.

Fung Brothers Music Career

Additionally, The Fung Brothers have made a rap video called “626” that features a variety of Asian eateries in the San Gabriel Valley.

They also recorded a song called “Colima Road,” which was directed by Dan Zhao and is about the different Asian eateries in the Rowland Heights neighbourhood. Another well-known viral video they created is a music video for the rap song “Wanking in the Dorm Room,” which was also directed by Dan Zhao.

The Taiwanese beverage boba milk tea also referred to as “bubble tea” or “pearl tea,” is a favourite among young Asian Americans, particularly those who live in the “626” area code.

The Fung Brothers posted a music video for the song “Asians Eat Weird Things” on YouTube in July 2013. AJ Rafael sings in the song, and part of the video was partially shot inside a 99 Ranch Market, with whom they collaborated on it.

Another music video with the title “Singapore & Malaysia” was published on YouTube in July 2014. The song displays the range of cuisines and cultures found in Malaysia and Singapore, two Southeast Asian nations.

Fung Brothers Girlfriend

As of 2022, the Fung Brothers, David, and Andrew are single and not dating anyone. Fung brothers are very private and they keep their personal life away from the limelight.

Fung Brother’s Net Worth

The Fung Brothers are currently thought to have a net worth of about $1 million. They became wealthy as a result of the TV show and YouTube success. The pair has a wonderful possibility to increase their fame and popularity and increase their income in the future thanks to the fantastic opportunity provided by the YouTube platform.

The Fung Brothers joined the Legendary Ventures advisory board in April 2022. In order to propel the start-ups Posture360 and XFrost, they also established Fung Brothers Ventures with Legendary Ventures.

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