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Gary Strydom

Gary Strydom, a three-decade bodybuilding legend, is best described by the four qualities of discipline, focus, hard work, and determination. The US Championships, the Nationals, and the Night of Champions were just a few of the championships Gary won during his era of dominance between 1983 and 1992. Gary proved that bodybuilding is an ageless sport by creating a stir in the bodybuilding community.

Gary Strydom Biography and Net Worth

Net Worth                      $8 M
Birth Date                       15 March 1960
Age                                   62 years
Birthplace                       Durban, South Africa
Profession                      Bodybuilder
Gary Strydom

Gary Strydom Early Life

Gary Strydom born on 15 march 1960 was an athlete since he was a little child; he was born and reared in Cape Town, South Africa. In sports like rugby, swimming, and track, he thrived due to his high level of desire and motivation to be the greatest. Due to his intrinsic zeal, Gary rose fast through the ranks and eventually became the captain of the rugby team. Gary eventually had to stop playing sports in order to complete the required 2-year military service. Gary’s work ethic and discipline rapidly served as an example for other military personnel, much like in sports. He moved up the ranks fast, from Private to Sergeant. Gary found the time he spent in the military to be quite important; as a result, he decided to work for another two years as Army Radar Technician. Although Gary loved the “grind” life in the South African Army was far from simple and even by his standards, it was difficult. However, Gary was grateful for this time since it helped him learn discipline and prepared him for upcoming challenges.

Gary Strydom Idea of Bodybuilding

Gary worked out to stay active while serving in the Army, whenever he had time; he started practicing pushups, crunches, and other workouts. At this moment, he started to take his interest in working out seriously. He began reading magazines devoted to Bodybuilding, reading about his heroes like Arnold and other bodybuilders from the Golden Age. Gary quickly saw the problem, though, which was that the majority of these athletes were American citizens. Gary made the decision that he would have to relocate to America as well if he wanted to meet them in person and develop into a bodybuilder himself.

Gary’s mother responded sarcastically after learning that he had decided to relocate to the United States, “You’ll return home when you’re hungry son.” Even though Gary found it difficult to leave his family, his goals were waiting for him. With just $1,000 in his pocket, 20-year-old Gary packed his luggage, purchased a one-way ticket to the United States, and boarded the aircraft. He ended up staying in a dark, filthy motel on his first night in America. The following few days were exceedingly difficult; according to Gary, he even spent a few nights sleeping on park benches because all of the places he tried to stay at were full. Gary eventually traveled further south to Key West, Florida, a week later, where he located a place to stay.

Gary Strydom

Gary Strydom Bodybuilding Career

With reliable employment and a membership to a nearby gym, Gary was able to settle to his new life of training and working while building the groundwork for his upcoming competitive career. The Junior Florida Bodybuilding Championships were held in 1983. Even though this was Gary’s first performance, he walked out in fantastic shape, and it was obvious right away that he was a star in the making. Gary once more astonished the audience at the USA Championships the following year, in 1984, and went on to win the competition.

Gary was granted citizenship exactly one week before the 1986 U.S. Nationals. In the end, Gary’s effort and commitment paid off since he took home the show and the IFBB Pro Card along with it. He started to feature in well-known bodybuilding publications, made international guest appearances, and participated in a picture shoot with Lee Haney for a publication. He started down the path to getting there by winning the 1987 Night of Champions, the first of many victories as a professional.

Gary Strydom attained his goal of appearing on the Mr. Olympia stage in 1988. He finished the competition in an astounding fifth place, having been “ripped to the bone” and possessing exceptional dimensions. He later modified his diet and exercise regimen to get even better shape for the 1989 Arnold Classic, when he won the bronze medal. This was followed by three other IFBB Pro victories in Europe, including one in the 1989 Grand Prix France. Soon, a well-known wrestling tycoon approached him and invited Gary to join the World Bodybuilding Federation (WBF). After more than 12 years of retirement, he made a much-publicized comeback in 2006 at the age of 46 while unquestionably in the greatest shape of his career, finishing seventh at the Colorado Pro.

Gary Strydom Net Worth

Gary is the Sixth richest bodybuilder in the world with an estimated net worth of 8 million dollars. He has the longest bodybuilding career lasted for almost 20 years. He is still among the wealthiest bodybuilder as he retired longtime ago in 90s.

Gary Strydom Body Measurements

Height                    6’2”
Weight                   138 kg
Chest                      61”
Bicep                       22”
Waist                      32”
Calf                          19”
Thigh Size               29”


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