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Goubran Bahou is famous due to his comedy and funny skits that he posted on his Facebook page account named “Goubtube” and also due to the production of films. The first video of Goubran Bahou that got viral in 2014 was “Salt Shaker” which provided him recognition among the population. Goubran Bahou has accumulated 1.9 million fans following until now.  

Goubtube (Goubran Bahou) Biography and Net Worth:

First nameGoubran
Last nameBahou
Tag nameGoubtube
Date of birthTwenty-ninth of August 1990
Age32 years
Zodiac signVirgo
Marital statusSingle
NationalityEgypt, British

Biography of Goubran Bahou:

Goubran Bahou is a TikTok and Facebook star who opened her eyes to this world on the Twenty-ninth of August 1990 at the place of Kuwait and according to 2022 now he is 32 years old. The reason for his fame is his humorous and funny videos along with his producing and directing abilities that he used to make short films. The first-ever viral video of Goubran Bahou was the “Salt Shaker” which got viral in the year of 2014. The Zodiac sign of Goubran Bahou is Virgo due to the birth in the month of September according to astrology.

Family background of Goubran Bahou:

Goubran Bahou hails from Kuwait and ancestrally he also belongsalso belongs to Palestine, Algeria, and Lebanon. The mother of Goubran Bahou is also a famous news presenter on Television in Egypt.

Goubran Bahou has a dating relationship with Jahannah James. Both of Goubran Bahou and Jahannah have a strong and close relationship among them.

Net worth of Goubran Bahou:

Goubran Bahou is ranked in the list of the most famous stars of TikTok and Facebook and also among those social media figures who earned to most money and richest. According to research, and the reports of Forbes total estimated net worth of Goubran Bahou is round about 1.5 million dollars. 

Educational background of Goubran Bahou:

Goubran Bahou took his early education from a local school in Egypt. Then Goubran Bahou enrolled in the University of Westminster and got a degree in Journalism from there. At the end of his degree, Goubran Bahou won the award of the loudest and most famous person throughout the university in the “Year’s book of University”.

The professional background of Goubran Bahou:

Goubran Bahou owns a degree in Journalism from a famous university and pursues media as his profession. He was a famous Television news presenter for different channels; one of them is Sub-TV. Goubran Bahou is also the part of Westside FM radio presenter and passed his time for this purpose. Along with the profession, Goubran Bahou is also active and vibrant on social media, especially, on TikTok and Facebook.

Dating relationship of Goubran Bahou:

According to research and different evidence revealed that Goubran Bahou is not married and even he is not engaged in the past to anybody. Until the last updates of research in 2022, we come to know that Goubran Bahou is not in a dating relationship with anybody.

Some facts and information about Goubran Bahou:

  • Goubran Bahou belongs to the list of most famous social media figures, especially on TikTok and Facebook.
  • Goubran Bahou is also included in the list of most famous identities of Kuwait.
  • The birthday of Goubran Bahou is the twenty-ninth of August and he celebrated it with his fans.
  • The Instagram page of Goubran Bahou revealed that he has won the Guinness world record of eating the most number of Chicken nuggets in a time of one hour.
  • Goubran Bahou owns a great luxurious lifestyle.
  • The Zodiac sign of Goubran Bahou is Virgo.
  • The major reason for his fame is the funny skits produced by him.
  • Goubran Bahou hails from Egypt but then migrated to England and now he is a resident of England.

Apparent look and body measurements of Goubran Bahou:

Goubran Bahou is a strong person with an attractive and decent personality. He has a smiley face that attracts the audience to him. Goubran Bahou owns a height of six feet and two inches (6’1″) and according to this height, the weight of Goubran Bahou is predicted as eighty kilograms (80 kg).

Goubran Bahou owns black-shaded hair and dark-brown-shaded eyes.

Weight80 kg
Eye colordark-brown
Hair colorblack

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