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The famous Twitch Star known as Heelmike was born on 14th November 1997. It was Monday morning in the United States. His real name given to him by his family is Heelmike, and his friends and community call him with the same name. 

Heelmike is a 27 year old, but soon he will turn 28 in a few months. He was not only born in America but was also raised and lived in America with his family. He did his School and higher Studies with exceptional grades, as he was good in studies and activities during his school time. Soon after his higher education, he went to US University to get a Bachelor’s degree. 

He is a November born, due to which he is a Scorpion; however, Dog is his zodiac animal as per the Chinese horoscope.

Heelmike Biography and Net Worth:

Full Name        Heelmike
Birth Date          November 14, 1994
Age                    27 Years Old (In 2022)
Birthplace          United States
Profession          Gamer, Twitch Streamer
Net Worth          $3 Million


Heelmike is a family oriented person; from the beginning, he was good in studies yet an obedient kid, as per reports. When it comes to support, it is like a give and take in their family. However, he has a very cultural aura in his family as they have born and raised in America. 

From the start of his career, Heelmike has made sure to keep his family life away from the camera, and he has never discussed them in his videos. 

Professional Career

Heelmike is one of the most popular Content Creator and Streamers on YouTube and Twitch. When it comes to gaming, Twitch is the elite platform to showcase one’s talent and capabilities in gaming.

By the passage of time, Heelmike has become one of the major Broad-caster on Twitch. He has now achieved more than 5.2 million followers on Twitch by streaming games, live chatting, providing content value, and a lot more.

Heelmike is best known for Streaming the Battle Royal Game, Fortnite. The significant number of followers on his Twitch account comes through his Live Chatting sessions, where people come to know more about him, and those who attract, they convert! He also casually plays Fortnite with his viewers in high demand.

Moreover, on YouTube, he has 150k subscribers with more than millions of views. The content type on his YouTube channel is usually Vlogs, some guides related to gaming, challenges, prank videos, and a lot more.

Heelmike most watched video on his YouTube channel is titled “I got a Tinder Girl” with over 11 lakhs views.

Who is Heelmike Dating?

Currently, Heelmike is not in a relationship with anyone. Although, he does not like to share and talk about his family, dating history, or current status. But according to our resources, he was dating a girl who was not related to social media or was not any sort of Internet celebrity.

Both of them had been dating each other for a few good times, and for some reason, they parted their ways after a couple of years.

Apart from this, Heelmike never spared him from multiple rumors and scandals. 

What is the Net worth of Heelmike?

Heelmike has an estimated net worth of $3 million. He has three primary sources of incomes Twitch, YouTube, and Social Media platforms. For the past few years, he has been generating a considerable number of monthly revenue.

Brand endorsements and collaborations on social media have been a boost to his revenue. Through this, his engagement and followers are also increased.

Awards and Achievements 

Talking about awards, Heelmike has not won any awards till now, neither has he gotten nominated not even once, but does this show that he doesn’t have talent? Well, No!

He has thousands and thousands of supporters on YouTube, Twitch, and Instagram. Heelmike himself has stated multiple times in his videos that he loved his community, and these platforms are the way for him to become a millionaire. 

Heelmike has received a Silver Play button on YouTube and has done several collaborations with some of the well-known brands in the industry.

Physical Appearance

Height: 5’ 8” (in feet)/ 170 cm
Weight: 70 kg
Hair color: Dark Brown
Eye color: Brown


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