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House Gamers Airsoft

House Gamers Airsoft previously known as The House Gamer is one of the most-watched airsoft channels in Canada. House Gamers airsoft has 2 Million subscribers and 151 Million views on YouTube.

House Gamers Airsoft Biography and Net Worth

Net Worth                        $100k
Founded                         13 February 2012
Founder                           Dayton Bauder, Ben Triggs, Jack Pilley
Country                            Canada
Subscribers                     1.2 Million
Videos                              455
Views                                151 M

House Gamers Airsoft YouTube Channel

House Gamers Airsoft

Founded in 2012 by Dayton Bauder, Ben Triggs, and Jack Pilley, The House Gamers is a group of YouTube channels. After four years, a new approach was required because the first channel, simply known as The House Gamers, had only had slow development and low view counts. Early in 2016, Dayton recorded an airsoft game and uploaded the video to see how people would respond. The outcome was overwhelmingly good, and ever since then, airsoft-related content has been the channel’s primary focus.

In 2016, a second channel named House Gamers Gaming was launched alongside the main channel’s rebranding as House Gamers Airsoft. The focus of this brand-new channel is on premium video gaming content. The Creator Dayton Bauder is seen in videos and also edits the videos. Jack Pilley is a video editor and manages the channel House Gamer Airsoft. Owen Tearle stars in videos handle the graphics side of the channel and are involved in editing.

House Gamers Airsoft Objective

Their attitude is what distinguishes their airsoft videos. Fun is the main objective, and they want that to come across in the videos. They want to display the laid-back side of airsoft while many other airsoft YouTube channels focus on the serious and militaristic side of the sport. They believe that doing this makes airsoft more appealing to others with less serious interest. They believe that by displaying the more laid-back side of airsoft, those who would not otherwise be interested will be inspired to try it. They do take part in some more serious airsoft competitions, such multi-day milsims (military simulations), but they make an effort to include humorous scenes in footage of these tournaments.

They are aware of how crucial a strong community is to a YouTube channel’s success. They intentionally engage with the audience as a result, whether it be through email, Livestream conversations, or video comments. The channel regularly broadcasts live to engage the community by urging viewers to play online games and sign up for TeamSpeak servers.

About Airsoft

In the team game known as airsoft, players tag out rival players by eliminating them by shooting spherical plastic pellets from fake air guns, or “airsoft guns.” Airsoft pellets do not leave recognizable marks on their target, and hits are not always obvious, despite the fact that the concept and gameplay are comparable to those of paintball. The game heavily relies on an honour system where players who have been hit are expected to call themselves out by shouting, “HIT,” even though the pellets cause bruising or welts on exposed flesh (and protective clothing is advised).

The majority of the airsoft weapons used are magazine-fed, while others include spring-piston pump power plants that operate manually or on batteries, like Nerf Blasters, or are pneumatically powered by changeable compressed gas canisters. Most airsoft weapons cosmetically mimic actual firearms and include mounting platforms that work with real firearm accessories. They are therefore well-liked for historical recreation and military simulation. Due to superior safety and reduced costs, airsoft is also used for professional gun safety and weapon handling training in various professions, such as law enforcement training.

While airsoft gameplay can take many different forms and consist of a variety of different activities, it frequently involves action shooting, short live-action role-playing (LARP) scenarios, close combat, and military simulations (MilSim), or historical reenactments. It can be played on fields outside or indoors.

House Gamers Airsoft Net Worth

The approximate net worth of House Gamers Airsoft is $100,000. Although House Gamers Airsoft’s real net worth is unknown, we used data to estimate it to be $100,000. However, our calculation only considers one source of revenue, and the net worth of House Gamers Airsoft may actually exceed $100,000. In fact, when other sources of income are taken into account for an influencer, some estimates put the net value of House Gamers Airsoft as high as $250,000.

House Gamers Airsoft makes an estimated $16.24 thousand annually. The YouTube channel for House Gamers Airsoft receives about 9.02 thousand views per day and 270.72 thousand views per month on average. A channel that uses advertising to monetize makes money for each 1,000 video views and YouTube channels typically make $3-$7 for every thousand video views. Using this information, we project that the House Gamers Airsoft YouTube channel will bring in $1.08 thousand in monthly advertising revenue and $16.24 thousand annually. However, our estimate might be too low and the advertising revenue might reach as high as $29.24 thousand per year if House Gamers Airsoft performs at the top end.


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