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How to DAD

Jordan Watson is the owner of the YouTube channel How to DAD. He posts humorous films on this channel about how to be a good father. He amusingly offers advice and instructions on how to care for the infant. The “How to DAD” channel has about 1.2 million subscribers and millions of views as of 2022.

How to DAD Biography and Net Worth

Net Worth                    $500
Full Name                     Jordan Watson
Birth Date                     2 December 1987
Age                                 34 years
Birthplace                     Auckland, New Zealand
Profession                    YouTuber

Early Life

How to DAD

Jordan Watson, creator of How to DAD was born on 2 December 1987 in Auckland, New Zealand. Jordan is 34 years old as of 2022 and his birth sign is Sagittarius. Watson’s Maori father, a “genuine MacGyver” had a collection of comic strip books when he was growing up in Te Kauwhata, a dairy farming community in the Waikato region south of Auckland. James, who, 25 years after his passing, is still recognized as one of the nation’s top comedians, created one series. He was famous for his untrained yet cunning characters dressed in a singlet and shorts. Additionally, his father owned copies of the farming-themed comic strip Footrot Flats, which was later adapted into a movie and musical. Therefore, he got his comedy talent from his father. He was an ordinary kiwi man and his comedy has his typical comedy kiwi touch.

How to Dad Career

How to DAD

Jordan is promoting happiness and love with this YouTube channel. Mila, Alba, and Nala are the three daughters of Jordan. His girls help him create these films. Jordan consistently sports the same brown T-shirt in all of his videos. In none of the videos does he introduce his wife. On January 20, 2007, Jordan launched his YouTube channel. Watson, grabbed his camera when his partner left him with their four-month-old infant while they went out with their eldest daughter and another coworker who was expecting. He published How to Hold a Baby online, added a Facebook tag for his friend, and then went to bed. He claims that the notifications continued to arrive on his phone the following morning: 50k, 100k, and 150k. He then produced a couple more videos, and there are now millions of views. To focus on the How To Dad series, Watson ultimately left his day job as the director of Jono and Ben, becoming a comedic parenting expert in the process. Over 200 million people have watched the videos on Facebook and YouTube. In 2007, Watson began working for Greenstone Pictures as a runner.

Watson acknowledges that it is frequently a difficult job: “As a parent, you make up 90% of the time, but my videos make it seem like fun and really carefree. However, I only record when my children are at their most cheerful. I struggle to grit my teeth when they try to doodle on the walls, just as every other parent does. However, the videos serve as a reminder to all parents, as well as to me, that sometimes it is okay to take a step back and laugh a little.” When Watson creates a video, he only has in mind the stereotypical, do-it-yourself dad with the rough edges. It has become engrained in all of us, he claims. As soon as the camera starts recording, I must just be making that typical Kiwi joke. He has almost 210k subscribers on the Instagram channel howtodadnz, 1.2 million subscribers on YouTube, and millions of fans on Facebook.

How to Dad Videos

The first video on the channel is “how to show off to other dads while holding a baby.” “The most-viewed video of how to dad is “How to Talk to Baby” posted 3 years ago, which has 22 million views as of 2022. The second most viewed video on the channel is “How to put a baby to sleep”, posted 6 years ago and has 10 million views. Some other popular videos on the channel are “How to wash a car with baby”, “how to get a baby to clean the house”, “Releasing a baby into the wild”, “How to get a toddler to eat vegetables”, “how to teach a toddler to sing”, “How to fly with a baby”, and “How to go grocery shopping with a baby.”

How to Dad’s Net worth

The estimated net worth of how to dad is approximately 500 hundred dollars. The channel earns 50 dollars daily and 400 dollars weekly. From data available on the internet and ad revenue data, the monthly income of the channel is 1200 dollars. However, the average annual income of “how to dad” is 62 thousand dollars. On the higher end, the channel can earn 80 thousand annually. All these calculations are based on ad revenue; additional sources of income are not included in the above calculations so the actual net worth of “How to dad” may vary.


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