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Iamdtg DTG

DTG whose full name is Dylan Godfrey is a popular Facebook and TikTok star. Dylan Godfrey (DTG) comes to this world on the twenty-second of September 1992 in British Columbia, Canada. Dylan Godfrey (DTG)  is well-known due to his comedy and the parody rapping “Alter-ego Lil Windex” which was a hit and viral on social media, especially on Facebook that motivate him to move towards a fan following of 430000 followers.  Videos of Dylan Godfrey (DTG) have been viewed greater than 150 million times repetitively.  According to Astrologists and the birth month of September, the zodiac sign of Dylan Godfrey (DTG) is Virgo.

Iamdtg DTG Biography and Net Worth:

Real nameDylan Godfrey
Social media nameLil Windex
Date of birthTwenty-second of September 1992
Age30 years
Net worth1.5 million dollars
Dylan Godfrey (DTG)

What is the real name of DTG? 

The real name of DTG is Dylan Godfrey (DTG) who is also known by people and social media as Lil Windex. Lil Windex is the name given to Dylan Godfrey (DTG) due to the hit and viral video that he posted on Facebook.

Biography of Dylan Godfrey (DTG):  

Lil Windex is the name given to Dylan Godfrey (DTG) due to the hit and viral video that he posted on Facebook. On the bases of the place of birth, Dylan Godfrey (DTG) holds the nationality of Canada and his hometown in British Columbia, Canada.  

Apparent looks of Dylan Godfrey (DTG):

Celebrities and social media influencers are the species who set the trends for their followers. They set the trend of dressing. Style, makeup methods, height, weight, and even eye color also. Dylan Godfrey (DTG) is also an icon whose styles are followed by millions of people.

When we talk about the height of Dylan Godfrey (DTG), he is 1.68 meters tall and according to this, his weight is 61 kilograms. Dylan Godfrey (DTG) has dull brown-colored hair and dark brown-shaded eyes.

The professional background of Dylan Godfrey (DTG):

Professionally Dylan Godfrey (DTG) is a Musician, especially a rapper. On the other hand, he is also a social media sensation and influencer and has set trends for millions of people.

The net worth of Dylan Godfrey (DTG):

When we talk about the list of most popular and richest Facebook species then Dylan Godfrey (DTG) is considered one of them. The net worth of Dylan Godfrey (DTG) is 1.5 million dollars which are revealed and estimated by Forbes, Business icons, Wikipedia, and different other analyses.

Personal and family life of Dylan Godfrey (DTG):

Dylan Godfrey (DTG) is married and has two kids. Dylan Godfrey (DTG) revealed in an interview in the year 2018 that he loves his family and wants to set up a bright future for them and is obsessed to pass his time with his family.

Along with his spouse and 2 kids, Dylan Godfrey (DTG) was also blessed with two brothers. 

Iamdtg DTG

The career of Dylan Godfrey (DTG):

Dylan Godfrey (DTG) published his first and foremost picture on his real Instagram account of DTG in the year 2016. In 2017, Dylan Godfrey (DTG) has been paid the funds before his viral “Clean up” among the viewers. 

Dylan Godfrey (DTG) was not satisfied with the melody offered by that time’s rappers. His hit rap “clean up” was against the existing rappers. His album was titled “Caspian” which contain the following songs:

  • Mill
  • FMU
  • PSA

When we talk about the business icons in the field of music and especially in rapping then we should describe Dylan Godfrey (DTG) as the artist for recording the music and hip hop music. Other single features of the Dylan Godfrey (DTG) are also made space the top priority on social media platforms. Some of them are as follows:

  • In 2018, Riff Raff’s
  • Dj afterthought
  • Lil HBK

Some less known facts and information about Dylan Godfrey (DTG):

  • The real name of DTG is Dylan Godfrey and the most known name is Lil Windex who is famous on social media due to his hit video.
  • Dylan Godfrey (DTG) put his foot in the field of social media in 2016 and until now he remained active on all platforms.
  • The family and love life of Dylan Godfrey (DTG) is not exposed to the public but he sometimes in his interviews showed his love and fantasy for his family.
  • Dylan Godfrey (DTG) has more than 14000 subscribers on his account and set a record for other competitors to achieve more than one million views for a single video.
  • Dylan Godfrey (DTG) opened his eyes to the hometown known as British Columbia, Canada.
Height1.68 meters
Weight61 kg
Eye colorDark-brown
Hair colorLight-brown

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