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IAMKARENO Biography and Net Worth

Net Worth                           $181K
Full Name                             Karen Yeung
Birth Date                             April 25, 1990
Age                                        32 years
Birthplace                            Hong Kong, China
Profession                           YouTuber, Beauty Blogger
Husband                               Leo Thom

Karen Yeung is a fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blogger with over 1.5 million YouTube subscribers who goes by the name Iamkareno on YouTube. Karen is famous on Instagram as a fashion blogger with more than 660k followers. Her fans love her makeup tutorials, DIY tips, and beauty tips.

Iamkareno Early life


On April 25, 1990, Karen Yeung was born in Hong Kong, China. Josh and Tina are Karen’s younger siblings. Karen was raised in the California Bay Area but was born in Hong Kong. When Karen was eight years old, she immigrated to the US. She received a BA in international politics and communications from the University of California, Davis, where she also joined Delta Sigma Pi. Karen Yeung is 32 years old as of 2022.

Karen was interested in makeup and fashion from her childhood and her interest increased when she moved to California. She was bullied in her high school as fobby as her English was not good because of her Chinese roots. She always wanted herself to fit into American culture so she did not feel left out. Karen’s parents run an orphanage in China and they are working with many foundations to help the needy.

Iamkareno Birth sign

Taurus is Karen Yeung’s zodiac sign. Astrologers claim that Taurus is a realistic and grounded sign that reaps the rewards of its labour. They are drawn to the material world, hedonism, and sensual pleasures because they sense the desire to continually be surrounded by love and beauty. People who have their Sun in Taurus are tactile and sensual, and they value touch and taste over all other senses. One of the zodiac’s most dependable signs, the stable and conservative Taurus is prepared to suffer and stay with their decisions until they achieve personal happiness.

Iamkareno Chinese Zodiac Sign

In the Year of the Horse, Karen Yeung was born. Horses are Chinese zodiac animal that enjoys travelling freely. They adore travelling, love, and intimacy. They are vivacious, resourceful, and independent. They have exceptional seduction skills, are quick-witted, impatient, and occasionally perceived as a drifter suitable for the Tiger or the Dog.

Iamkareno Career


Karen started her YouTube channel on 3 December 2008 but posted her first video 5 years later on March 13, 2013. In May 2015, she started working as a stylist for ipsy. “Red Trends for the Cheeky Girl,” the tagline of her YouTube channel, reflects the “toughness of the city and the loose suburban lifestyle” she is influenced by.

The first video on her channel was “How I Style: Old Tees” which has 26k views now. Some of her popular videos include “Trying Rare Beauty by Selena Gomez”, “Birth Vlog”, and “My Shower Ritual”. She has done some surgeries to look like an American. Her features are completely changed within these 10 years.

Iamkareno Boyfriend

Karen is married to her long-time boyfriend Leo Thom. Karen and Leo met 10 years ago in 2012 in California. Duo got married in July 2018 in California later they went to Hong Kong for their traditional Chinese wedding in May 2019. They were living in California for a long time but recently moved to her hometown Hong Kong. The couple was blessed with a baby girl dove, in august 2020.  

Iamkareno Net worth

About $181.85k, according to estimates, is Iamkareno’s net worth. Iamkareno’s actualized net worth is still being confirmed, however, we estimate his wealth to be $181.85 thousand. The $181.85k forecast is solely predicated on YouTube ad revenue. Iamkareno’s net worth actually has the potential to be much higher. Iamkareno may be worth closer to $254.6 thousand when these extra revenue streams are taken into account.

How much does Iamkareno earn yearly?

IAMKARENO makes about $45.46k a year, according to estimates. Each month, there are more than 757.72 thousand views on the IAMKARENO YouTube channel. Playing advertisements on monetized YouTube channels brings in money for them. For every a thousand views of a video on a monetized YouTube channel, they may make $3 to $7 on average. If Iamkareno falls within this range, we project her annual income to be $45.46 thousand, or $3.03 thousand per month.

Some channels earn even more than $7 for a thousand video views on YouTube depending on different factors. IAMKARENO may earn more than $81.83 thousand annually on the high end. YouTubers also rarely rely just on one source of income; Influencers can make money by selling their own goods, obtaining sponsorships, or earning affiliate commissions.

Iamkareno Height and weight

Height                       5.4 inch
Weight                      58 kg
Eye colour Black
Hair colour Black

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