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Ice Cream Rolls
Ice Cream Rolls

Ice Cream Rolls is a German YouTube channel that posts oddly satisfying ASMR videos and make ice cream rolls out of everything. His unique style of creating ice cream rolls from everything with no voice-over just a satisfying sound attracted millions of subscribers around the world. Ice Cream Roll has 11.9 million subscribers and 1 billion views with 1500+ videos.

Ice Cream Rolls Biography and Net worth

Net Worth                   $9.3 M
Created                        11 October 2011
Creator                         Grobe    
Country                       Germany
Subscribers                 11.9 M
Views                           1.4 B
Videos                         1500+
Ice Cream Rolls

Ice Cream Rolls Creator

Grobe, 40, a resident of Hamburg in Germany, is one of just four Germans with more than 11 million YouTube subscribers, earning him the coveted Diamond Play Button. He claimed that the inspiration struck him when visited Thailand six years ago. He claims he noticed a crowd on a street and was curious to find out what it was since he assumed it must be “something fantastic.”

A plate that had been refrigerated to minus 30 degrees Celsius was being used to produce ice cream rolls as the throng looked on. Before adding chopped fruit or other components, the cook spread out liquid ice cream, flattening it thin and flat with two metal spatulas. Before being rolled up and served as little rolls, the ice cream was spread and scraped until it was as thin as a crepe. According to Grobe, “I recorded it on my phone, and that was basically the start of it.” The movie quickly gained popularity after he posted it on social media. “Basically, that’s how the channel got started.”

Start of the Ice Cream Rolls YouTube Channel

He claims that after receiving US$100 for the video, he realized that he could make money by publishing videos online. He then got other ideas while visiting New York. He explains, “I looked at various stores that were already selling ice cream rolls.” Then he gave it a shot at home. He began by using a standard frying pan that he had initially placed in the freezer, but that ultimately proved to be challenging. When he ordered a professional ice cream maker from China, things really got going.

 Now, Grobe and his crew post brand-new videos every day that they shoot at the home studio. Grobe is never shown in them; all you see are his gloved hands as he makes the rolls. He was able to leave his position at a marketing agency and launch his own business because the videos had become so well-liked. Nowadays, before- and during-video advertising provides the majority of his income.

Ice Cream Rolls

Ice Cream Rolls Content

The YouTube channel of Gil Grobe has a calming effect. Each of his 10-minute movies only features the sounds of him creating different ice cream rolls; there is no music or conversation. He prepares delightful mash-ups like Pringles and caramel ice cream rolls right next to his office, or he goes the savory route with sausage, French fries, or bell pepper variations. The German creator must have hit a chord since his “Ice Cream Rolls” YouTube channel has millions of followers from all around the world who tune in to watch his most recent uploads.

Grobe claims that three factors are the key to his success. First, the subject matter is engaging and uplifting: “Everyone likes ice cream.” They find it fascinating because it is a procedure that not many people have ever witnessed. The third is ASMR, or autonomous sensory meridian response, which refers to a pleasurable tingling feeling brought on by an aural or visual stimulation. He intentionally triggers ASMR in the videos by snapping his fingers or tapping the spatulas in front of the microphone.

Ice Cream Rolls Videos

The most viewed video on the channel is “Ice Cream Rolls | Cadbury – Dairy Milk Chocolate Ice Cream / fried Thailand rolled ice cream roll” with 71 million views. The second most viewed video of Ice Cream Rolls is “ASMR – Watermelon Ice Cream Rolls | how to make Ice Cream out of a Melon – relaxing Sound Food Video” which has 58 million views as of now. Some other popular videos on the channel include “Strawberry Ice Cream Rolls | satisfying tapping ear to ear tingles mukbang – no talking 4k”, “Nutella & Oreo Ice Cream Rolls – how to make delicious Nutella and Oreo Cookies ice cream.” “Monster Ice Cream Rolls | how to make Monster Energy Ice Cream – rolled ice cream recipe ASMR Food”, and “Blueberry Ice Cream Rolls | how to make satisfying fried Ice Cream with tapping and eating 4k” and many other videos are among channel’s most viewed videos.

Ice Cream Rolls Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Ice Cream Rolls is $9.3 million approximately. The average daily income of the channel is $2700 and earns $19 to $20 thousand weekly. From the above calculation, the estimated monthly income of the channel is $200 thousand and Ice Cream Roll earns $1.6 million yearly.


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