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ilikeweylie Biography and Net Worth

Net Worth               $1 Million
Full Name              Weylie Hoang
Date of Birth    March 29, 1993
Age                         29 years old
Birthplace             Oakland, California, USA
Ethnicity             Chinese-American
Profession             YouTuber
Boyfriend                Wah Wu

Weylie Hoang is a YouTube guru for hair, makeup, and beauty with more than 1.7 million subscribers to her channel ilikeweylie. On another channel named WahlieTV, she also publishes vlogs with her boyfriend. The fashionista, who is well-known for her unique and in-depth cosmetics and fashion content, trains her viewers through her YouTube videos.

She is intelligent, brave, and attractive, and she has currently found great success on the internet. Hoang has extensive experience in the areas of fashion, makeup, and beauty and thinks that learning is a two-way street.

Weylie Hoang

Ilikeweylie Early Life

On March 29, 1993, Weylie Hoang was born in Oakland, California, in the United States. She is the second child of her parents, she has two sisters, and they have spent their childhood together. Hoang’s parents had very demanding work schedules, thus her grandma mostly raised her. Hoang finished her education at the Fashion Institute of Design and Research. When she was in high school, she discovered her interest in makeup and fashion and soon launched her YouTube channel. Later, she learned about FIDM College, decided to learn fashion and makeup appropriately, and joined the college. Since she was a little girl, she had been fascinated by makeup and cosmetics, and she always planned to work in a field related to them.

Ilikeweylie Career

On September 28, 2007, Weylie Hoang started her Channel ilikeweylie, a hub for fashion and beauty. In her first video, “Pink/Orange eyes lesson,” she gave her audience a glimpse of a vibrant eye makeup look. A cosmetic lesson for “Black Smokey Eyes” was then shown. Hoang began to share more beauty, cosmetics, and fashion films after being inspired by the feedback on these earlier ones. These videos also quickly attracted a sizable number of viewers. As Hoang continued to upload fashion, beauty, and makeup-related videos, his channel eventually surpassed one million subscribers. Over 1.7 million people are current subscribers to her beauty and fashion hub. Additionally, the channel has had over 140 million views to date.

The most watched cosmetics and lifestyle videos on her channel include “How I Slimmed Down” and “Period Life Hacks: Tips to Make Your Period Easier.” Some of the best life tips for menstrual women may be found in the first video, which has received over 2.3 million views. In the second video, which has received over 2.2 million views, Hoang tells her audience about her experience losing weight.

Weylie Hoang also contributes to the collective “WahlieTV” YouTube channel. The channel, which was launched on May 20, 2012, includes her and her boyfriend Wah sharing their day-to-day experiences with the public. This channel features many entertaining and enjoyable relationship vlogs. WahlieTV currently has more than 440k subscribers.

Many of her fans and viewers have asked her to make her own products because she is a well-known YouTuber. At the present, she mostly sells T-shirts, hoodies, and other cosmetic items made to order with unique stickers and prints. The products are very reasonably priced, selling out regularly, and range in price from $2 to $50.

Ilikeweylie Boyfriend

She loved makeup and was much in love with a man by the name of Wah Hoang. Wah frequently uploads cooking videos on his own YouTube channel. They have been dating for a while. Weylie and Wah are the owners of the WahlieTV YouTube channel. Their shared passion, aspirations, and interests have deepened their relationship.

Right now, they are content in their union. They do a lot of traveling and work to create as many memories as they can. Their social media feeds are flooded with pictures of one another. In the subtitles, they describe how much they mean to one another as well as how great and intense their love is.

Weylie Hoang

Ilikeweylie Net Worth

As of 2022, Hong has a $1 million net worth. Her primary source of income comes from working on her YouTube channel. She also appears on her boyfriend’s channel WahlieTV. She has many subscribers, and each video receives more than two million views. All of them increase her net worth, and her dedication to her profession aids in her success. Other than YouTube, she also sells merchandise and skin care products. She has also launched a cruelty-free makeup line to support Best Friends’ internal society.

Because she has over 474k followers on Instagram, advertisers pay a certain amount for each post she publishes. She has received an average of 5.01 percent of her followers‘ interest in each of her most recent 15 posts. As a result, her estimated sponsorship price ranges from $1,417.5 to $2,362.5 on average.

Ilikeweylie Height and weight

Height                                        5.4 inch
Weight                                       50kg
Eye color    Black
Hair color                                  Blonde

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