Jake Andrich Biography, Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Girlfriend, Family, Fact, and More

Jake Andrich Biography, Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Girlfriend, Family, Fact, and More

Jake Andrich is always a popular TikTok sensation, YouTube influencer, Model, and content former for fitness who belongs to Canada. Jake Andrich contains an attractive and amazing personality due to his fascinating looks, handsome body texture, and tattoos that he has on all his body parts. The presence of Jake Andrich is known by the population due to his social media influencing posts on different social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc. Jake Andrich is famous among the population with the name of “Jakipz”.

Jake Andrich became the headline for the posting of hot content on social media sites. Jake Andrich used to upload this type of content on separate accounts for the entertainment of the followers. On the other hand, Jake Andrich is specifically popular due to the discussion on fitness on a regular base on his YouTube channel which is liked and followed by a huge number of fans. Along with the discussions, Jake Andrich also uploads the videos on different exercising rules that gain a great fan following.

Jake Andrich Biography and Net Worth:

Net worth Five million dollars
Name Jake Andrich
Age       26 years old
Birth Place Canada
Gender Male

Jake Andrich before becoming popular:

Jake Andrich initiated his account of TikTok account exactly two years before in the year 2020. Due to this channel, he gained a huge love and following from the population of Canada. That was the time when he was not given the tag of star and social media influencer. So, Jake Andrich did much work in different fields to earn fame.

Then with the passage of time, the posts of Jake Andrich became hit and viral on social media especially the snaps of his fit body on Instagram.

Biography of Jake Andrich:

Jake Andrich opened his eyes at the Alberta, Canada situated hospital on seventh November 1996. Now we have revealed from the research of his Instagram account that currently he is a resident of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.  Jake Andrich is famous among the population with the name of “Jakipz”.

Jake Andrich took his early primary education from a private school situated in Alberta. He does not share his higher and graduate degrees with his fans at all. Jake Andrich had a great interest in the fashion industry along with modeling. He set a goal in his early life even from his childhood of modeling and he did the same things that he want.

Wiki about Jake Andrich:

Jake Andrich is his full Canadian name. On social media, he is famous for the name Jakipz Andrich. As the year of his birth is 1996, therefore according to 2022, now Jake Andrich is 26 years old and an adult.

As Jake Andrich took birth and is also a resident of Canada, therefore, he owns the Canadian nationality. According to the religion wiki, he believes in Christianity.

What do you know about the professions of Jake Andrich?

Professionally, Jake Andrich is a YouTube sensation, Tiktok star, social media influencer, and model for a variety of brands.

Physical looks of Jake Andrich:

Jake Andrich owns a handsome and attractive body posture. He is a fitness personality who is specifically known due to his body fitness and attractive body shape. Jake Andrich holds tattoos on his complete upper body that makes him exceptional from other social media personalities on all the social media platforms.

Jake Andrich has a height of five feet and nine inches approximately. And according to this, his weight lies in the range of 69 kilograms to 72 kilograms.

When we talk about the eye color of Jake Andrich, then we come to know that he has dark-Brown shaded eyes and black-shaded short hair.

Family background of Jake Andrich:

According to research and the revealed knowledge about Jake Andrich, we come to know that he did not share any knowledge and information about his family especially according to his mother and father. Some shreds of evidence show that Jake Andrich has an elder sister who is 27 years old girl.

Although Jake Andrich does not share information and pictures of his parents we can watch his love for his parents in his videos and post on different social media accounts. His family was a well-named Canadian resident. The mother and father of Jake Andrich belong to a different group of people which impact could be seen in the personality of Jake Andrich.

The net worth of Jake Andrich:

Jake Andrich earns a huge amount of money from different platforms and online jobs. But he revealed that he is not fond of clothes and food therefore he does not pass his money in these terms. On the other hand, He passed most of his money on the business of property and real estate.

Currently, the Net worth of Jake Andrich is estimated as four to five million dollars. 

The career of Jake Andrich:

In the initial time of his time, he has to face huge troubles in his life. He has to do tough work for the maintenance of life. For the sake of earning money, Jake Andrich used to work as a tradesman after the end of his schooling for sixteen hours. Along with the craftsmanship, Jake Andrich also proved himself as heavy machinery, carpenter, and plumber. Shreds of evidence reveal that Jake Andrich is a technician for heavy machinery.

At the start of the year 2020, Jake Andrich initiates his personal account on the TikTok application. According to the middle of 2021, he holds approximately 2 million fans following and roundabout 24 million likes for all the videos on different accounts.

Less familiar facts about Jake Andrich:

  • Jake Andrich is now 26 years old according to 2022.
  • Jake Andrich owns the Canadian nationality.
  • Jake Andrich uploads descent content on his personal site named “Only Fans”.
  • In 2019, Jake Andrich revealed that he is single and does have any dating.
  • The full name of Jake Andrich is “Jake Russell Andrich”.
  • The popular name of Jake Andrich is “Jakipz”.


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