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Jep Robertson

Jep Robertson is an American actor, cameraman, and book editor. He is famous for his role in the hit reality television series Duck Dynasty. It was aired from 2012 to 2017. He is the youngest son of Phil and Kay Robertson who is the founder of the Duck Dynasty. Robertson’s family lives in Louisiana and they run a company that is devoted to making bird calls and various hunting things. Jep Robertson is included as the richest producer in the history of producers.

Jep Robertson

Jep Robertson Biography And Net Worth

Net Worth                       $8 M
Full Name                        Jules Jeptha Robertson
Birth Date                        May 28, 1978
Age                                    44 years
Birthplace                         Bernice, Louisiana
Profession                        Actor, cameraman, book editor
Wife                                   Jessica Robertson

Jep Robertson Early Life

Jep Robertson was born on 28 May 1978 in Bernice, Louisiana. His childhood was tough as he was molested by a girl at the age of six on a school bus. After this, he used to skip school by faking being sick. In his teenage, he started sitting with a group that used to be involved in alcohol and drugs hence, this led him to being addicted to drugs and alcohol. His family helped him to get out of this.

Jep Robertson Career

Jep Robertson works with his family in their business. Their family company was founded in 1972 by Phil when he invented a new duck call. This soon became popular, and his calls were popular throughout the whole country. Now his son runs their company successfully and sells over 600,000 duck calls per year. They also sell million worth of merchandise, DVDs, cooking products, items of clothing, and many more. Jep Robertson edits and records his family hunting expenditures. His company also sells hunting gear and their famous duck call products. His series Duck Dynasty also started two other channels named Duck Commander and Buck Commander before their series.

He was famous and drew almost 8-10 million viewers to it. All these shows were popular on TV. Jep Robertson’s show Duck Dynasty had 11 seasons from 2012 to 2017 and Jep had his role till the 10th season. Jep and Jessica started the television series Growing the Dynasty in 2016. They showed their adoption of baby boys. Jep Robertson had his name as the 1 cameraman and production manager for Duck Dynasty. Jep and Jessica started their clothing line in July 2014 named Calvary. They collaborated with Australian Designers. Their brand sells clothes and jewelry.

Jep Robertson also does charity work and represents his family in the fundraisers. They raise money for a children’s hospital. Jep Robertson and his wife also donate money from their clothing line.

Jep Robertson has also written a book named The Good, The Bad, and The Grace of God.

Jep Robertson Wife

Jep Robertson and Jessica met in a hairdresser’s shop. They started dating and got married in 2001. Their daughter was born in 2002 and they have a total of 5 children.

Jep Robertson

Jep Robertson Net Worth

Jep Robertson has a net worth of $8 million estimated in 2022.

Jep Robertson Body Feature

Height                   5 ft 8 in
Weight                  74 kg
Eye Color              Brown
Hair Color             Brown


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