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Jimi Jackson

Jimi Jackson also known as Jimi is New Plymouth, New Zealand-born actor, comedian, and director. His unfiltered and genuine online presence has helped him build a very devoted and active following. He has expanded his online humour into live performances, selling out comedy concerts in Australia and New Zealand. His brilliant comedy skills made his channel cross 1.2 million subscribers and millions of views.

Jimi Jackson Biography and Net Worth

Net Worth                            $770k
Birth Date                           28 December 1992
Age                                       29 years
Birthplace                           New Plymouth, New Zealand
Profession                           YouTuber, Comedian, Actor
Girlfriend                             Lana

Jimi Jackson Early life

Jimi Jackson

Jimi Jackson, a great comedian was born on December 28, 1992, in New Plymouth New Zealand. Jimi is 29 years old as of 2022. Jimi is famous for poking fun at Kiwi culture. He was born and raised in New Plymouth but later settled in Auckland. Jimi did not receive standard education like other celebrities and no information regarding his college and university life is available on the internet. His nature was jolly and he was sarcastic from his childhood and turned into a comedian.  

Jim Jackson Family

Jimi Jackson

Brandon, his younger brother, has appeared in some of his videos. On his YouTube channel, his sister has also made an appearance, but no one knows her name. He proposed to his longtime girlfriend Lana in 2018, and they now have a handsome boy named Cairo Van Rooyen Jackson and a beautiful daughter named Zaria Van Rooyen Jackson. Since 2013, they have been dating and after 5 years, Jimi proposed to her. Jimi and Lana are living in Auckland with their kids. No information about his father and mother is available maybe they do not want to come on the screen.

Jimi Jackson Career

Jimi first started posting his amateur comedic videos on Facebook, Instagram, and Vine in 2013, and from there he swiftly became the internet icon he is today. Over 1 million devoted followers follow him on social media thanks to his talent for satire, particularly of other Kiwis. Jimi has expanded his online humour into live performances, selling out comedy gigs all around Australia and New Zealand. In the 2018 comedy Alien Addiction, he co-starred with fellow internet celebrity Tom Sainsbury as an actor. In addition to this, Jimi has demonstrated his ability to adapt to the constantly evolving social media landscape by amassing over 1 million followers on the immensely popular Tiktok app.

Jackson is most known for his countless live shows and tours. He announced him “Let’s Talk Sh*t Tour” in 2015, which would take him throughout New Zealand. Where the 2015 dates ranged from March 1 to April 7. In 2016, a year after his previous performance, Jackson debuted his “Keeping It Real” tour, which featured shows the comedian gave throughout New Zealand. Jackson travelled around Australasia on his most recent tour, “Mama We Made It,” which was featured in 2017. DJ Sir-Vere performed an opening set during the performances. He frequently works with the Maori dance group Jgeeks. To raise money for a Jackson-starring, Sterling-directed film about an alien encounter, he and Shae Sterling set up a Kickstarter page.

Jimi Jackson Videos

The first video on the Jimi Jackson channel was “New Zealand We Are Missing Out.” After that, he started posting content and still posting and gathered millions of subscribers. The most viewed video on the channel is “RICH VS POOR KIDS – SLEEPOVERS.” This video has 24 million views and he was a poor kid so he explained the rich and poor kid’s sleepovers. His comedy is something you would definitely love and appreciate. Some of his popular videos are “Trick or no treat”, “When kids pretend to be sick to play Fortnite”, “Rich vs Poor part 2- back to school”, Rich vs Poor kid part 3-Dinner Time”, “when you kidnap the wrong person”,  and “When mom tells you to stop playing Fortnite.”

Some other well-liked videos of Jimi Jackson are “Nice vs Strict Parents”, “When you play Fortnite with your little brother”, “Asking to sleepover on a school night”, and “when mum drives past McDonald’s”,

Jimi Jackson’s Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Jimi Jackson is 774 thousand dollars approximately. The $300,000 forecast is solely dependent on YouTube ad revenue. Jimi Jackson’s net worth may perhaps be considerably larger than you think. In fact, some estimations set the net worth of a YouTube channel as high as $500 thousand when considering additional revenue streams. Jimi Jackson earns an estimated 79 dollars daily. Looking at the data from the past 30 days, the channel earns 553 dollars weekly and 4400 dollars monthly. The annual income of Jimi Jackson is 220 thousand dollars and our estimate can be low, at the higher-end channel can earn 350 dollars yearly. Our calculation includes the ad revenue data additional sources of Jimi Jackson’s income are not included.


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