Jimmy Lovine Biography, Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Girlfriend, Family, Fact, and More

Jimmy Lovine Biography and Net Worth

James Iovine is an American media tycoon, businessman, and record executive best known for being the co-founder of Interscope Records. Iovine and the producer-rapper Dr. Dre established Beats Electronics in 2006; the company created audio items and ran a now-defunct music streaming service.

Jimmy Lovine Biography and Net Worth

Net Worth                      $1 Billion
Full Name                       James Iovine
Birth Date                      March 11, 1953
Age                                  69 years
Birthplace                      Brooklyn, New York, U.S 
Profession                     Entrepreneur, Record executive, Media proprietor
Spouses                         Vicki Iovine, Liberty Ross ​                                           

Jimmy Iovine Early Life

James Iovine was born to an Italian working-class family on 11 March 1953 in Brooklyn, New York. Iovine attended a catholic school in Brooklyn, where he received her high school diploma from the now-defunct Bishop Ford Central Catholic High School. He then enrolled in the John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York but he left college at the age of 19. After meeting a composer who helped him land a job cleaning a recording studio, he was first exposed to the world of music production and soon started working as an engineer.

Jimmy Iovine Career Beginnings

Early in the 1970s, on Easter morning, Jimmy received a call from engineer Ray Cicala requesting him to come to the studio to assist an artist. When Jimmy hurried to Record Plant Studios, he discovered that it wasn’t just any musician playing—it was John Lennon. In the engineering booth, Jimmy intervened when he noticed that Lennon was having trouble with the song “Stay in the Chair.” Jimmy worked on two more of Lennon’s solo albums after impressing the ex-Beatle.

Jimmy Iovine

Jimmy Iovine Success

Jimmy Iovine became famous thanks to his work with John Lennon. He rose to prominence as a music producer and engineer in the 1970s. Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, U2, Stevie Nicks, Simple Minds, Dire Straits, Patti Smith, and other musicians had their albums produced by him. Together with Ted Field, Iovine co-founded Interscope Records in 1990 as a division of Warner Music Group’s Atlantic Records. The irritatingly catchy song “Rico Suave” by Ecuadorian rapper and vocalist Gerardo served as Interscope’s debut release. In the end, the business changed to Interscope-Geffen-A&M and Jimmy has been the chairman since that year.

Iovine and Dr. Dre partnered to co-found the headphones company Beats by Dr. Dre in 2008. By 2012, the business had a 20 percent market share of the headphones market. Apple Inc. announced the purchase of Beats Electronics on May 28 for 3 billion dollars.

Jimmy Iovine

Jimmy Iovine Wife and Kids

Vicki Iovine, a writer, attorney, and model was married to Jimmy for 24 years before divorcing him, and they had four children together. He began dating Liberty Ross in 2014, and on Valentine’s Day of 2016, in front of their Malibu beach house, they were married.

Jimmy Iovine Net Worth

Jimmy Iovine has an estimated net worth of $ 1 billion as of 2022. Dr. Dre and Jimmy each held 25% of Beats at the time of the Apple deal, which comprised $2.6 billion in cash and $400 million in stock, and as a result, each received $750 million before taxes. Jimmy bought a $60 million property in Malibu in March 2015 from television producer Marcy Carsey.

Jimmy Iovine Height & Weight

Height                      5’4”
Weight                     71kg
Eye Color                 Hazel
Hair Color                Bald


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