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Joel Magician is the TikTok sensation and magician who belongs to Ireland and is popular for his tricks with cards that he used to publish on his TikTok account named “@joelmagician” Joel Magician is a magic man who has to honour to amuse and inspire the big names “Ben Shephard” and “Kate Garraway” in a live reality show named “Good Morning Britain”.  The TikTok identity Joel Magician succeeded to collect 15.7 Million fans following and earned more than one billion views until today. Joel Magician hailed from Bangor. At the end of his trick with cards, the young magician Joel Magician and his friend Pyong Lee ripped the edge of the card on the side of the table and allow it to disappear from the audience.

JOEL M Biography and Net Worth

NameJoel Magician
NicknameJoel M
Date of birthfourteenth of August 1997
Age25 years
Zodiac signLeo
Marital statusSingle
Net Worth$1.48 Million Dollars

Biography of Joel Magician:


Joel Magician is a card magician who amuses the audience with his tricks of cards and succeeded to accumulate millions of followers with his unique feature. The tag name of Joel Magician is Joel M.

Joel Magician opened his eyes in a town named Dunlin, Ireland on the fourteenth of August 1997, and according to this date of birth; he is 25 years old as of 2022. The Zodiac sign of Joel Magician is Leo according to astrology.

The professional background of Joel Magician:


Joel Magician was very interested in amusing the people around him from his childhood with different types of tricks. Then for the accomplishment of his interest, Joel Magician started tricks with the cards. When he got grip on his work then he started posting his videos on TikTok and YouTube accounts and within no time, he reached the peak of success. Professionally, Joel Magician is a magician, Instagram identity, and TikTok sensation.

Journey of Joel Magician towards success:

The magician man Joel Magician has accumulated 555000 fans following his Instagram account. He published a book named “Make your own magic” that contains the truth behind the tricks of Joel Magician and provides a chance for the viewers to learn about the truth behind some of his magic tricks.

Joel Magician once said on a reality show “He thinks that every person has their magic trick inside them that he/she could show in front of their friends”.

Once during the admiration of social media, Joel Magician revealed that he initiated really from a little level but the social media was a platform that provides him with complete success and others got a chance to know about him. He said that when he started posting his videos, in the initial stage some of his magic tricks become viral accidentally, and a huge number of the population liked them. That was the time when he got his path and start doing work in that field to gain more and more fame.

Dating of Joel Magician:

Now Joel Magician is lived with his girlfriend named Lucy Blaney Joel and his best friend Billie Eilish who is a participant in Bangor Grammar

The net worth of Joel Magician:

The net worth of Joel Magician is estimated at 1.48 million dollars according to the research.

Some lesser-known facts about Joel Magician:

  • Joel Magician initiated the magic tricks from a very early age even when he was six years old child.
  • Joel Magician hails from a town in Dublin, Ireland.
  • The zodiac sign of Joel Magician is Leo.
  • Joel Magician owns 5.2 million fans followers and 153 million likes for his TikTok videos.
  • Joel Magician owns 31 k subscribers for his channel on the YouTube application.
  • Joel Magician owns 161K fans following his Instagram page.
  • Joel Magician owns 18K likes for his Facebook account.
  • In respect of diet, Joel Magician is a non-vegetarian.

Apparent looks of Joel Magician:

Joel Magician is a smart and handsome boy that has an attractive body figure for the viewers of social media. Joel Magician contains a height of five feet and five inches (5’5″) and according to this height; he owns a weight of seventy-one kilogram (71kg).

When we talk about the hair and eye colour of Joel Magician then we come to know that he has Brown-shaded hair and blue-shaded eye.   

Hair colourBrown
Eye colourblue

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