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John Paul Mitchell

John Paul DeJoria is an American businessman and Entrepreneur. He is best known as the co-founder of John Paul Mitchell’s hair products. DeJoria is a self-made billionaire and a well-known philanthropist.

John Paul Mitchell Biography And Net Worth

Net worth $3 Billion 
Full NameJohn Paul DeJoria
Birth DateApril 13, 1944
Age78 years
Birthplace Echo Park, Los Angeles, California, United States 
Profession Businessman, Entrepreneur
WifeEloise DeJoria
John Paul Mitchell

John Paul DeJoria Early Life

Born in Los Angeles, California, DeJoria had a difficult time growing up. After his parents’ divorce, his mother was left to take care of John and his brother. Being unable to provide for them, she sent them to an East Los Angeles Foster home. John and his brother stayed there until John turned nine. At the same age, he started working as a salesman along with his brother to support his family.

John Paul DeJoria Early Career

DeJoria joined United States Navy and served on the USS Hornet for two years. After he left the Navy, he held various small jobs. He worked as a janitor, and insurance salesman, and he also sold encyclopedias from door to door.

He started his career in the hair care industry as an entry-level employee at Redken Laboratories. However, he lost his job.

John Paul DeJoria Career

It was in 1980 when DeJoria and hairdresser Paul Mitchell formed ‘John Paul Mitchell Hair Systems. They took out a 700 dollars loan to start the business. DeJoria was living in a 20-year-old car at the time. John Paul Mitchell Hair Systems is a hair care products line and they also manufacture styling tools. The Systems include various brands such as Paul Mitchell, Tea Tree, and MITCH. The company is a huge hit and generates a revenue of almost 1 billion dollars. DeJoria also started ‘The John Paul Pet Company’. The company provides hair and personal grooming services for animals.

In 1989, DeJoria co-founded ‘The Patron Spirits Company. The company forms tequila products. It is a founding partner in the nightclub chain titled ‘House of Blues. DeJoria was also named the advisory board member for The Beauty Channel in 2008. The Beauty Channel is a beauty and fashion-focused TV station.

DeJoria is also the co-founder of ROKiT Group. Jonathan Kendrick is his partner in the business. Under this parent company, they have formed various brands including ROKiT Phones, ROKiT Telemedicine, ROKiT Drinks, and many more.

John Paul DeJoria Patron Tequila Express

Patron Tequila Express is a historic private railroad car. Built-in 1927, it is now owned by DeJoria. He bought the railroad car in 1996. DeJoria spent 2 million dollars on the train renovations. He also spends 10,000 dollars every month on the maintenance of the railroad car.

John Paul Mitchell

John Paul DeJoria Wife

 DeJoria married Eloise Broady DeJoria in 1993. Eloise is a model, actress, and businesswoman.

John Paul DeJoria Net Worth

DeJoria had a difficult life growing up. DeJoria had a humble beginning and with hard work and a present mind, he was able to form a very successful business. With a successful hair product line, and various other business ventures, DeJoria became a self-made billionaire. Currently, his net worth is estimated to be a massive 3 billion dollars.

John Paul DeJoria Features

Weight68 kg
Eye colorBlue
Hair Color Grey

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