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kids Diana show

Kids Diana Show is a famous YouTube channel of a Ukrainian girl named “Eva Diana”. She operates this channel, with the help of her parents. She is famous for uploading kid-related content including item reviews, unboxings, fun challenges, water play, and more…!

She and her brother Roma manage many YouTube channels with the aid of her parents. Diana’s YouTube channel has the most subscribers in Ukraine and second-largest largest YouTube channel for children in 2021. In addition, it is one of the most popular and subscribed channels on the planet.

Kids Diana Show Biography and Net Worth:

Net Worth          $276.44 Million
Full Name           Eva Diana
Date of Birth    March 31, 2014
Age                       8 Years
Birth Place     Kyiv, Ukraine
Profession             YouTube Star

Early Life

Diana started her YouTube career when her parents began filming YouTube videos as a hobby after her brother Roma was born. Elena, Diana’s mother, created a YouTube account on May 12, 2015, solely to capture events and share Diana’s movies with friends and family.

They began by publishing unboxing videos, children’s music, toys, instructional content, vlogging, and pretend-to-play videos.

In less than a year, the channel had surpassed one million subscribers. That is when her parents realized their full potential and quit their jobs in 2017 to focus solely on their YouTube channel.

Kids Diana Show Age

She was born on March 31, 2014, so 8 years old as of 2022.

Kids Diana Show Education

Diana is a primary school student. She is homeschooled, so she can focus on YouTube content while still learning. She is also a talented musician who enjoys drawing and reading books.

Kids Diana Show Career

The Kids Diana Show has also been dubbed in Japanese, Spanish Russian, Hindi, Indonesian, Portuguese, and German. The “AIR,” a Ukrainian network, broadcasts the “Kids Diana Show” and “Kids Roma Show.” Epidemic Sound’s music is used in all of its videos.

Diana’s parents signed an agreement with “Pocket watch,” a children’s media firm created by Chris Williams and Albie Hecht in 2016, in May 2020. For Diana and Diana in Love, Pocket Watch launched mobile games, animated series, and products.

The Diana animated program, The New Love, was aired on YouTube and other OTT platforms such as The ROKU channel, Amazon Prime Video, and Samsung TV+.

The Diana family developed 12 more channels after the huge popularity of the Kids Diana Show, including Diana Play, Diana Bebe, Diana Roma Show, Kids Roma Show, and Diana Kids Stories. Diana is currently one of the most well-known social media personalities.

Toy Freaks, a YouTube channel, came under criticism in 2017 for posting video that exposed kids to extremely hazardous situations. Following a significant crackdown on channels that presented children in frightening circumstances, the debate emerged. Many YouTube channels, like Kids Diana Show, were criticized for their content, but they quickly recovered.

Kids Diana Show Family

Diana was born in Kyiv, Ukraine, to Elena and Vlad and currently living in Florida. Roma and Oliver are her two younger brothers. In the videos, she is often seen alongside her brother Roma. His younger brother has a YouTube channel called “Kids Roma Show.” Diana maintains many YouTube channels for kids with the aid of her brother and parents. Both of her parents quit their jobs to concentrate on creating YouTube videos. She is the world’s wealthiest YouTuber.

Kids Diana Show Net worth

According to current reports, the net worth of the Kids Diana Show is $276.44 million.

For every thousand video views, YouTube channels earn $3 to $7 on average. Based on this information, we estimate that the Kids Diana Show YouTube channel earns $4.24 million in monthly ad income and $63.65 million per year.

However, $63.65 million each year may be an underestimate. Kids Diana Show might earn as much as $114.56 million per year if things go well.

Kids Diana Show Height

Height             122cm / 3.2ft
Hair Color       Blonde
Eye Color        Blue

Kids Diana Show Achievements

She has received and been nominated for many awards, including the 2020 Stream Awards in the kids and family category. In addition, in 2021, there were Short Awards.

They are well known for a wide range of items, including sleepwear, stationery arts clothes, crafts, and toys, which they offer as part of their Diana And Roma merchandising collections.

She has one of the most popular YouTube channels in the world, with millions of subscribers and views. Her primary channel, Kids Diana Show, has over 75 billion views and 96M+ subscribers.

Diana – LIKE IT – Kids Song (Official Video)” is the most popular YouTube video from the Kids Diana Show, with 1.4 billion views.

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